Actually, Shana is really a good name. Looks simple, sounds simple, however, the name has something elegant in it. I just like this name!
My name is Shana. I pronounce it like Shay-nuh.
The name Shana (can be spelled Shayna) is a Jewish name. It means beautiful and its linguistic origin is Yiddish. It is the farthest thing from an Irish name that you can get.
Soft and strong, the name inspires me.
Shana Muldoon Zappa, author of Star Darlings.
Shana Hiatt is an American model and presenter who has appeared in several magazines. A former Army brat raised primarily in Tabernacle Township, New Jersey, Hiatt is best known for hosting the first three seasons of World Poker Tour on The Travel Channel.
Twin girls could be named Shana and Shira.
In the 19th century, the name Shannon derived as an anglicisation from the Abha na Sionainn, the Celtic spelling for the longest river in Ireland, from immigrants who wanted to honor their ancestral homeland. Families tended to confer the name on males alone until the 1930’s arrived. It is possible Shana, also commonly spelled Shanna, evolved as a feminization of its root source before the once masculine name switched to unisex acceptance. Both variants are familiar diminutives of their parent, Shannon. We can also look to the myth surrounding the formation of the river as one of the potential births of this name.Shannon, Shana, and other spelling variants under the same family all come from a tragic tale. Ancient Celtic mythology speaks of a goddess named Sionna traveled to Connla’s Well where nine sacred hazel trees grew and dropped their fruit into the waters below. These hazelnuts contain a substance known as éigse, the spirit and inspiration of poetry, within them. Salmon of Knowledge live inside of the well and gain their intelligence from eating these nuts. Anyone who eats one of the fruit or salmon will share in this wisdom. However, when Sionna opened the well holding the treasure she sought without performing the proper rituals, a tumultuous wave escaped and swept Sionna away. She drowned and her divine power dissolved into what formed the river Shannon. Spellings of her name vary between sources, but some people argue that Shana and Shanna are anglicised versions of the goddess’s original name. Sionainn, the name of the river which alludes to the deceased goddess, is an Irish portmanteau of the word sion, meaning wise, and abhainn, meaning river or water. The suffix “ain” denotes a diminutive in Irish and thus the name is sometimes mistranslated as “little wise one” instead of “wise river” or “wisdom.”.
The name Shana was given to 54 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
In the Japanese light novel/manga/anime series Shakugan no Shana, the lead female character is named Shana. I prefer this spelling over Shanna as it looks neater and more mature.
Shana was the name of one of the main characters in the video game The Legend of Dragoon.
Shana Elmsford is one of the main characters of the 80s TV show "Jem and the Holograms".
In Willo Davis Roberts' book, Babysitting is a Dangerous Job, there is a character named Shana.
It can also be pronounced SHAH-na. One of my friends gets very frustrated because very few people know how to pronounce her name correctly.
Sounds very strong and angry to me. My sister was named after a whale at the zoo.
Yiddish - means pretty, cute, beautiful - a saying in Yiddish is "shana punum" which means "adorable face".
My name is spelled Chae'na but pronouncd Shana. To me, they both are extremely unique and like no other. Recently I discovered that Shana means "Beautiful" and I believe that. We are all beautiful in our own way.
I think it's a marvelous name! Its sound is so sweet and at the same time so strong. I like the letters which made up this name, their combination. It seems the name of an exotic wonderful queen. In my opinion whoever doesn't like this name doesn't know what a beautiful name is!

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