No. NO.
May have arisen as a more phonetic variant of Sinéad.
Shenae Grimes is a Canadian actress, though her name is spelt with an extra 'e' rather than an extra 'a'. I have also seen this name spelt as 'Chene' but with the same pronunciation.
In Australia, Shanae is understood to be be a female form of the name "Shane", and will be used to honour a male relative (usually the father) with this name.
I prefer the less phonetic spelling Chanée.
This makes me think of the character "Shananay" (or however you spell it) from comedian Martin Lawrence's TV show "Martin."
Sorry, but this one sounds a tad better than ghetto names. It's a bit like the name of a very annoying, lower middle class British woman who manages to sound even more annoying than the loud-mouthed American variant. Not exactly a classy, dignified, mature name for a self-respecting woman.

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