I thought it was pronounced SHAWN-nee-uh, like Tanya.
My little sister is named Shania. I think the name is very unique and isn't common like other names (although there's nothing wrong with names that are more common) Her name gets mispronounced a lot. For all the Shania's out there your name is unique and beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, because I've read a lot of negative comments about the name. And I don't understand why! I respect everyone's opinion, but I haven't really read respectful comments.
Shania Twain! Great singer.
Great name. Sounds good, looks good. Shania is a really beautiful, feminine name. So strong!
Shania sounds classy and unique. The one who possesses such name is a human being with poise, confidence, chic, sass and intellect. I pity people who undermine or insult this name because I can't relate to a trash like them. I mean not everyone has such fine taste.
Ms. Twain now seems to say that she got the name Shania from a woman she worked with at a Canadian resort, not her stepfather. However, I still believe it is a name based on Ojibwe, though a garbled creation by someone who was not fluent in the traditional language. The Ojibwe phrase that would translate as "on the way" basically rhymes with Shania, after all.
Not my style, and not very attractive.
Sounds very trashy!
I read that the name is of Yiddish, Hebrew origin and means "beautiful" and "God is merciful".
I think Shania sounds very elegant.
While I do like Shania Twain, it's too heavily associated with her to consider for a child. I also think it sounds really low-class.
My name is Shania but I go by the nickname "Anya" since it's pronunciation tends to confuse people. I pronounce it as "Shawn-ia" instead of "Sha-nye-a".
The name Shania was given to 129 girls born in the US in 2015.
My daughter is two and her name is Shania and I know she isn't trashy, nor am I. I'm white and I love this name. It's unique and very pretty. So people can stop hating just because you have a boring name doesn't mean you need to hate on all the unique names. And really, what does race have to do with someone's name? We are not kids.
I know a Shania, and she lives up to the trashy expectations that a lot of people here have. She pronounces it 'sha-NYE-ya' (first and third syllables rhyming with the a in Emma; second syllable rhyming with eye).
My name is Shania but I pronounce it "Shah-nye-ah", much like the country star.
It should be noted that the meaning of Shania is NOT "on her way", and that it is is NOT found in Ojibwe OR Cree. Check some facts, damnit. [noted -ed]
My name happens to be Shania as well. I cannot see how you get a "trashy" feel from it at all. I am not from the ghetto, it is in fact Native American. I don't think race should matter with a name, and I think it's pretty as well. Haters can leave! High five to all the other Shania's out there who get their name mispronounced constantly! They do have it right on this site, stop trying to correct it!
The fact that I hate Shania Twain and her lame-ass music does this name no favors. I picture a stupid girl smacking her gum and giving her boyfriend bitch eyes if he spends too much time with his friends. No thanks.
Well my name happens to be Shania and I don't think it is trashy at all. Shania is really pretty and professional. It's also classy.
It can also be pronounced Shaniyah. But I personally prefer Shania.
Shania is not a Native American name in the sense that it was traditionally used as a name in Ojibwe culture. However, after consulting with speakers of Ojibwe I am fairly sure that Ms. Twain's story of her Ojibwe stepfather creating the name from words in the Ojibwe language is correct. The name isn't spelled as an Ojibwe expert would spell it, but that is probably irrelevant since a great many speakers of Ojibwe in Canada are not literate in Ojibwe; they know how to speak Ojibwe, but only know how to write in English. Twain's stepfather, as a blue collar person, was almost surely someone who didn't know how to write the language.
Shania sounds very trashy to me.
This is a dumb name - very trashy and ugly. I don't think it's really Native American, as Shania Twain likes to say that it is.
I like this name, very pretty. :)
Shania Twain got away with this name somehow, and I suspect the fact that she was a beautiful white country singer had something to do with it. That may even have given people the false idea that this name sounds white. It actually sounds borderline ghetto. At least it doesn't sound much anything like Shaquita or anything. Okay, I made that one up, but they're all made up, and this sounds kind of made up too, even though it isn't. It sounds pseudo-exotic.
Pronounced "Shahn-ya".
A famous bearer is artist, singer and song-writer Shania Twain (real name Eileen Edwards) who is a native of the U.S.A (born 1965) and has one child. She has released three successful albums and may be releasing a fourth one in 2007. A very successful woman.
Shania Twain is actually Canadian, not American.
Very pretty.
Shania is an Ojibwa name meaning "I'm on my way".

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