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Gender Masculine
Scripts 少昊(Chinese, Japanese Kanji)

Meaning & History

From the characters 少 (shào, meaning “young”) and 昊 (hào, meaning “vastness” or “heaven”). In Chinese mythology, Shaohao was one of the Five Emperors, sage-kings who ruled during the early days of Chinese civilization. He is commonly regarded as a son of the Yellow Emperor (Xuanyuan) and Leizu, though other accounts say that his mother was a heavenly fairy or a mortal woman impregnated upon sighting a comet. Shaohao is known for founding a kingdom of birds in the east, where he chose different bird species to handle different offices according to their temperament. He later moved to the west where he and his son, Rushou, were placed in charge of the setting sun. He later became deified as the White Emperor of the West.

Shaohao is also known under the names Qingyang (青阳), Xuanxiao (玄嚣) and Zhi (挚). Emperor Shaohao, the ruler of the Pandaren race in World of Warcraft, is named after him.
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