So ugly.At least Seana looks better.
Very pretty :)
I like my name. It's unique enough that I rarely meet people with the same name and am usually the only person in a room with my name but not so uncommon that people don't know how to pronounce it. I don't like other spellings (Shawna or Seana).
My cousin is named Shauna. It is a beautiful name. I like this spelling the best.
Personally I think Shauna is d best name, and possibly the greatEST NAME OF ALL TIME. The person who said that Shauna is a rough name has another thing coming cos MY, I mean, SHAUNA is a beautimos name. This names stretches further than all yall; and yall are just jealous cos my, I mean it's not my name I promise lolz, well Shauna is the best nameCaoimhe too.
Shauna is a very decade sounding name. I don't find it to be suitable for a baby or child. It sounds like a rough name trying to sound soft. Even with all of the negative points I have brought up I like it. There's something about it that sparks my interest and intrigues me. I'm not going to lie though, there are names better than Shauna.
Nope. Not pretty at all.
Shauna Gambill is a beauty queen from Acton, California who has held the Miss Teen USA title and competed in the Miss USA and Miss World pageants. Gambill first won the Miss California Teen USA title in late 1993. In August 1994 she competed in the Miss Teen USA in the national pageant televised live from Biloxi, Mississippi. Her performance in the preliminary competition placed her fourth among the top twelve semi-finalists, but her scores were consistently high throughout the three final rounds of competition, ranking highest in swimsuit. Having impressed the finals judges, Gambill was crowned Miss Teen USA at the end of the pageant broadcast. She was seventeen years old at the time.
Shauna Chalmers is the daughter of superintendent Chalmers in the Simpsons.
The name Shauna was given to 29 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Shauna and at first I didn't like it because people used to call me things like Shaun the Sheep but now I now more people called Shauna and I really like my name because it's not common and means I'm not boring. I also saw this name in Pokémon and was really excited because I love Pokemon.
I actually discovered this name off Pokémon X and Y. I personally don't like the name Shauna.
Shauna is one of the rivals in Pokemon X and Y.
I think this name is actually kinda ugly. No offense, I just don't like.
I used to love this name when I was growing up. It seemed like all the Shaunas I knew were really pretty. I haven't thought about it in awhile but now it's starting to grow on me again. I could see myself using it. :)
I like this name but I would spell it Seana to go with my own name.
This name is growing on me. I knew a girl in high school with the name and she was so awesome and pretty. I like to hear the pronunciation of Shauna too, it's so soft and pretty.

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