I love this name, the spelling is unique, and fits both genders!
This spelling is girly. Shane is masculine.
The Y looks so unnecessary and out of place. It doesn't make it feminine either. Why are people obsessed with pouncing on every established masculine name and turning it feminine?
The Y isn't necessary.
Shayne is the Yiddish neuter noun for beautiful.
Shayne Lamas is a reality show star, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. I really dislike her, though, so I wouldn't recommend it for a girl because of her.
Shayne Audra Murphy (born 1994), daughter of actor Eddie Murphy.
I prefer this as a feminine name. They 'y' adds a sort of feminine effect to it. It's a modern, cute, fantastic little name for both genders! And being a feminist, the unisex part puts an extra smile on my face!
What, this name on a girl?! Come on now, this name is masculine, and it's not like Shannon, which has been masculine but has become feminine, at least in American usage. It's always been masculine. It doesn't sound right on a cute little girl, it sounds bizarre on a cute teenage girl, and it will sound very unfortunate on a grown woman, especially if she is utterly conventional. This may work on tomboys and androgynous women, as well as female indie rocker types, but only up to a certain age. Don't make your daughter suffer with this annoying male name. I never did like the sound. And the 'y' doesn't look nice either.
This spelling seems more feminine than Shane.
I really LOVE this name on a girl. I came across a British girl with this name on some website today and I absolutely fell in love with it!
Since the 1880's Shayne for a girl hasn't appeared on the top 1000 list. Shayne for a boy appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1960's. Its most popular was the 1970's where it ranked 584.
I think this is a great name. I think it would sound cute for a girl too, because it doesn't sound too masculine.
I do not like this name. It sounds strange to me. I would never choose to name my child Shayne.

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