I know someone with this name, her family is religious and they own a church. She's a wonderful person and I've always thought her name is beautiful.
It’s pronounced Sheh-KIE-na.
Shekinah is an Arabic name. Jewish people do not give their daughters that name.
Nowhere in Tanakh does the name or word appear.
It does NOT mean the Holy Spirit
The first time that the scholars of Judaism started using the term Shekinah, was after the creation of Islam and Mohammed, by the strategists of the then recently established Holy Roman Church, who perverted the teachings and understandings of the man...the devout Jew you call "Jesus".
For those of you who are bashing people with the name Shekinah, well my name is Shekinah and I am 30yrs old. I'm glad my name is Shekinah, my mom named me well and when people hear my name their expression changes on their face as if it's the best thing they've heard. They get speechless for a second and they compliment my name. They tell me I have a beautiful but yet powerful name. They ask me do I know what my name means and I tell them I do. And being called Shekinah yes, I have been through trials and tribulations like everyone else but I can say God has kept me here to see 30 and I am blessed and favored- God has really been by my side. So don't bash people who have powerful names such as I. Because Shekinah is the most powerful name there is. And no it's not to say that the daughters who are named Shekinah are good because we're not. We are the Glory of God the light that shines down on his people we are the light the burning bush the tree we are his Glory. And Shekinah is to be a respected name. If anyone bashes the name of God's Glory, watch what you say about God's children. Because it takes a special person to have this name and the daughters who have this name are special and have a powerful calling in their lives. Like mine is to minister to the children and build my community and bring them together. I have more devine and powerful callings that some aren't supposed to be known to the public. But watch what you say to God's children.
It is a beautiful blessful name and my friend is named Shekinah. Please don't call it trash!
Really unattractive.
Distantly related to the Arabic name Sakina.
It's pretty and attractive.
This name sounds stupid and trashy. It looks like something that cult members would name their daughter. Plus it's rather blasphemous to be using. It's like naming your child God.
First of all, "sarahj" that was kinda rude what you said about black parents making up names, that's not always true. I like the name. It's different.
I've heard that a lot of New Age-y people, especially Wiccans tend to use this name. I think it is offensive.
Anonymous User, what evidence do you have that "New Age" people use this name frequently? I've never heard of this name before today, myself. And why in the world would it "offend" you if they did anyway? Personally, when I first saw it, I thought it was another made-up name used by black parents for their kids. If you put this name in a search engine, only fundamentalist Christian and Jewish sites pop up.
No, New Age and Wicca people do not use this name. It is speaking of the God of the Jews who now lives in born-again believers via The Holy Spirit/Jesus.
I have a friend named Shekinah and she pronounces it sh-KY-nah.
Pronounced sheh-khee-nah / shkhee-nah.
It's pronounced sha-kî-nah but pronounced Sha-kî-nah in English.
This name is never used among Jewish people. It would be like calling a child G-d.

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