Hideous. I hope people aren't actually naming their children this.
The pronunciation is fine but the spelling is awful and comes equipped with both teasing potential and error potential on both spelling and pronunciation.
Stick to Sheila.
No. This looks ugly and "kre8tiv"... Sheila looks more pleasant and sounds exactly the same. It's not even that common anyway, so why not just use the correct spelling?
In the US, with this spelling, people will tend to say shuh-lag, which is not very musical to my ear. I'd spell it Shellae if I was in love with the sound of the Irish pronunciation.
Character Shelagh O'Donnel is from the novel The Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.
My mother is named Shelagh, but pronounces it 'sha-lay', not Shiela. I think because it is spelled with a -gh, instead of a -la, it sounds better as 'sha-lay', and it really doesn't make sense to pronounce it Shiela.
Shelagh Delaney was a unique writer of the late 50's-early 60's, perhaps most famous for the play A Taste of Honey, which has also been filmed.
The name Shelagh is of Irish origin. It means "blind".

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