I like it, I don’t understand the rating. But it does remind me of the gas station.
Perfect name for a girl who likes the beach.
Cute nickname.
This name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX (See below).
In the USA, a total of 198 girls and 113 boys were named SHELL.
16 boys and 15 girls were named SHELL In 1963.
Can be a nickname for Shelby too.
This name can be a UNISEX name.

A real male bearer of this name is a Canadian radio and television personality and home improvement expert: Shell Busey
A fictional male bearer of this name is Shell Scott
"Poor Shell could never break out of her Shell."
Incredibly pathetic, boring, and sounds like a nickname.
Come on now, SHELL?! It's not the best possible noun to use as a name. There are flower names, jewel names, and all sorts of nature names and other nouns that sound far better as names. At least spell it ''Chelle''. It would be better to name the girl Michelle and call her Shell. I can't see this on a guy.

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