SHELLEY and SHELLY can also be used as a DIMINUTIVE of MICHELLE.
Shelley Vol is one of the members of the Dutch band OG3ne. They participated in the Voice of Holland and are known for that in their home country apparently. Apart from Shelley, the band is comprised of her two sisters - Amy Vol, who is older than her - and Lisa Vol - who is Shelley's twin.
Shelley da Killer is a character in the video game Ace Attorney. He is a serial killer.
I like Shelley. I'm usually not very keen on -ey names, but this one is really nice. It has a youthful, cute sound, is girly, but not frilly, sort of more girly alternative to Shelby (not that I think Shelby isn't good for a girl, it is, but Shelley is still more girly), and just has something very nice about it. I guess though that I like the spelling Shelly a tiny little bit more than Shelley. I completely can't picture it on a guy, maybe a little boy yes, but not a grown man at all, and I think a downside is that it doesn't seem to age well on women either. Well I'm not from an English-speaking country and I don't know any Shelleys so I'm no expert but I find it hard to imagine a Shelley older than say 40, and even 40 years old is quite mature for this name. When I think of this name I see a teenager, or a young adult. I really really like the diminutive Shell - be it for Shelley, Shelby or Michelle - I like how it sounds and I simply like shells so it makes me like it even more.
Joan Shelley is American musician.
There's a good chance it has influence from the Phoenician root meaning "mine".
Shelley is my given name. I didn't like it at first because I thought it was different from everybody else. Now that is exactly why I love my first name Shelley. It IS different and I get lots of compliments about it. I was named after Shelley Winters and Arlene Dahl. Both are beautiful actresses. I'm proud of my name and I carry it with pride and honor.
Shelley Catherine Hennig is an American model and actress. She is also a beauty pageant titleholder who held the Miss Teen USA 2004 title. She played Stephanie Johnson on Days of Our Lives and starred in the CW series The Secret Circle as Diana Meade. She currently plays the character Malia Tate in Teen Wolf. Hennig also starred in horror films Unfriended as Blaire and Ouija as Debbie. She has been nominated for two Emmys before finally winning the 2016 Teen Choice Awards.
The cat name association probably comes from Shelley being a cute name choice for a cat with tortoiseshell colouring.
The name Shelley was given to 13 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Shelley with the second E. I think it gives the name a balance and stronger impression. I've always liked it because it is a little uncommon in this form.
I like the spelling Shelly better on a girl. The E is unnecessary and ugly.
Shelly and Shelli are both beautiful spellings, but I have to say that Shelley is my favourite because it makes the name look very original.
This is OK. I don't mean to offend anyone when I say this, but I picture it as more of a cat name because I know a cat named Shelley. But lots of times people give their pets human names.
There is an aspiring musician called Shelley Green. Look her up on youtube.
This spelling looks more mature and sophisticated than Shelly, even if the difference isn't exactly huge. The name sounds very feminine and pretty, so I can't imagine this name on a male. The problem is that the name sounds quite cutesy and youthful, and that's why I'm not quite sure how well it's going to suit a mature woman. On the other hand, I don't think people would think of the extremely common name Kelly as an infanyile name. This name is much better than Kelly, in my opinion anyway. I guess it's more of a matter if the bearer, and this name still sounds more mature and sophisticated than Brielle, Kayla, Heaven, and the likes.
This is my name and I love it for its originality. My friends usally call me Shelle or 'Shell' and I like the connection to the sea as I have always lived near the coast.
Can also be short for Michelle.
Actress Shelley Winters (born Shirley Schrift) is another famous bearer.
Actress Shelley Duvall is a famous bearer.
My niece's name is Chrishelle and she gets called Shelle or Shelley a lot.

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