Shem is the semantic descendant. My heart compels me to a surety. That Ham turned the air all the way out the proverbial bottle. Noah took a drink that was so starving to get back up the neck of the bottle a drink taken by Noah. Inhaled everything but the bloods alcohol. Thereby intoxicating Noah. Face down naked. One drink drunk. I don’t believe for a minute he (Noah) cursed our baby boy Ham.
Shem could be the older or the younger, depends what bible translation you use. It is uncertain which it is in Genesis 10:21.
This name is pure biblical hotness.
A name meaning name, how beautiful a notion.
Shem was not the eldest son of Noah - he was the middle child. (Genesis 10:21 - "Sons were also born to Shem, whose older brother was Japheth.")
I hate to say it, but Noah couldn't have come up with a better name for his kid? Can you imagine his wife saying, "What should we name him?" and Noah responding, "Uh... Name?"?
The book Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle is a retelling of the flood story. In it, Shem is a hunter, and kind, but not talkative. His wife's name is Elisheba.
Shem was not the eldest son of Noah, Japheth was older. (Genesis 10:21)
The above poster was wrong, Genesis 10:21 says "To Shem also, Japheth's older brother and ancestor of all the children of Eber, sons were born".
I know a guy called Shem and when I first heard it, thought he must be teased mercilessly but he's such a fun, good-looking, popular person everyone seems to love him. Only name your son this if you think he could pull it off!

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