Sheree is my name. It's very unique I have only met one other who spells it differently with a C. I think this spelling makes more sense but I still get a lot of mispronunciations such as Chere or Sherry and no one ever knows how to spell it.
My mom knew twins named Sheree and Shereé. (Sh-air-ee and Shur-ey)
Sheree is my middle name. Growing up I always hated it because no one had heard of it or knew how to pronounce it correctly. Now that I am in my 20s I actually really like that it's my middle name. I like that it's unique and memorable.
It looks like a girly and immature spelling of a pretentious name.
I know someone who has this name. People mispronounced it and called her "Sherry".
A famous bearer is Sheree Murphy, wife of Liverpool footballer Harry Kewell.
Sheree is my cousin's name. I thought it was something her parents made up. I guess not.

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