Do not use this spelling for your children unless you want your child to go through life with everyone thinking they were born to barely literate parents.
Looks tacky and unfeminine.
I just don't like the sound of this name, no matter how it's spelt. There are quite a lot of Shevons and Chevawns. It's a name you would never ASK about.
A terrible thing to do to the beautiful, natural, wholesome Siobhán. Please take a Respect For Language/Names course.
I take it you also have a problem with Shavonne and Shevon? Is an Anglicization of an Irish name (for non-Irish speakers) really so offensive to you?Personally, I don't find much wrong with the variant Shevaun, although Shavonne is by far my favorite, and the most elegant. The only one I don't like is Chevonne, because (to me) the 'Ch' start implies a different pronunciation.

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