Shi is the coolest name, my g has this name.
@Anonymous Users bruh can u grow up? Shi is CHINESE, not ENGLISH, so the way you pronounce it isn't even close to sh*t.
Imagine if your surname started with a T. Shi T.
Add a "T" on the end and see what you get...
This is not pronounced like the English word "she", but more like "shirt" without the "t" and without moving your jaw. IPA: [ʂɻ̩] or [ʂɨ].
Too close to the swear word.
Shi is a perfectly Chinese name, and to all those English-speaking people, Chinese people would find English names just as weird. So, respect other people's opinions.
Shi Huangdi was a Chinese emporer.
I stand corrected for my comment about He. Shi is just as ugly, and everyone will spell it "she".

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