Makes me think of the sea, probably because it is the name of the best friend of the titular character in The Tail of Emily Windsnap series.
Shona McGarty is an English actress.
Shona Rapira-Davies is a Maori painter.
First heard this name on an episode of Grange Hill years ago, I think it's really pretty, and not too weird.
My name! 'Sona' does mean fortunate, lucky and happy in Scotch Gaelic, but I think it's mainly used as Gaelic form of Jane or Joan, and a feminine form of John, which don't have this meaning. I've also seen more commonly in Scotland recently a kind of 're-gaelicisation' of the name short of Seonag in the form of Shonagh. I love this as a name, and wouldn't swap it. My parents apparently, though, weren't aware of the 'Jane' connection of the name as they called me Shona Jane, which is a bit repetitive- but I don't mind!
As a given name, the o is long, as in 'go'. As the name of the dominant ethnic group in Zimbabwe, the o is short, as in 'stop'.
This is also an Irish name, as I've known many people with this name.
Shona White is a singer and actress who has performed on the West End.
It means "happy" or "lucky" in both Scotch and Irish Gaelic.
Shona is also a language spoken in Zimbabwe.
Shona is the feminine of the Hebrew name, John, which means gift from God. It is also Gaelic for Jane or Joan.
Male version: SHON, variation of Sean, originally from the name JOHN.

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