Looks like a harsh name with the word shout in it.
The name Shouta isn't pronounced even closely to the English word shout.
My Hero Academia yasss!
(Book series)
Shouta Yasooka is a Japanese Magic: The Gathering player. He is best known for his success in the 2006 Pro Tour season, when he won Pro Tour Charleston with Tomohiro Kaji and Tomoharu Saitou, as well as the Player of the Year title. In 2015, Yasooka was elected into the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame.
Shouta Aoi is a Japanese singer, song writer, voice actor and musical actor, previously known as Showta. He is represented by S Inc for voice acting, and King Records on the King Amusement Creative for singing.
Judging by the spelling, it is pronounced "Show-oo-tuh".
This the Japanese name for pornography that has adults with boy children. Because of this association I would never dream of naming my child this.
The other commenter is incorrect; the term is 'shota', short for shotacon. I agree, it is extremely similar, and the associations are very unpleasant. However, that shouldn't stop you from using this name. I think the name has a nice sound, and is very nice in meaning, as well. The Shotaro complex is unrelated and while not exactly rosy, at least free from this name. This name is pretty cool, in my opinion.

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