We pronounce it shee-uv-aa. (Sí-omh-a) I can't think of a better way to explain how the middle part sounds other than it sounds the same as the Irish word for egg, (ubh)! Hopefully this is useful!
This is SUCH a pretty name, and I'm surprised it's not more popular. It's disyllable and easy to pronounce, so it could catch on in Ireland. I doubt it would work outside of Ireland, though, as I came on this site thinking that everyone knew how to pronounce Siobhan, and there were some people still wanting to pronounce it "SEE-Oh-Va-HAN"! If you're wondering why that's wrong, it's because in Irish "bh" and "mh" make "v" sounds, as the letter "v" has never been used in Irish. It's called lenition, and it's why Niamh is "neev" and Siobhan is "shi-vawn". Moving on, Síomha is a lovely name, and I adore anything with "ee" and "v" sounds.
Pronounced SHEE-va.

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