In Georgia it's quite widely used now as one of the modern names (Georgian trascript "სიდონია") more commonly a short form of the name Nia ("ნია") is used. [noted -ed]
The name Sidonia is also used in Georgia, although it is a rare name there these days.

In Georgian, Sidonia is written as: სიდონია.
Maria Sidonia (1834-1862) was the daughter of King John of Saxony and his wife Amalie.
Sidonia von Borcke (1548–1620) was a Pomeranian noblewoman who was tried and executed for witchcraft. 'In posthumous legends, she was depicted as femme fatale and entered English literature as "Sidonia the Sorceress."'
I know a few girls called Sedona, pronounced the same way as Sidonia except without the "ee" sound before the a. It's the name of a city here in Arizona, so the name is much more popular around here than elsewhere.

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