You actually don't hear this name often. I think it's super pretty. The only thing is I don't think I would ever use it myself.
Janessa2542  3/20/2021
My name is Siena Alexis and I personally couldn’t have asked for a better name. I’m always complimented and I love it!
Sienahermon  6/24/2020
I love this name. Yes, it's a city in Italy, and some people don't like names based on cities, but if you think about it, many of the names we think of as "common" are based on places. Brittany, Dale, Glen, Jordan, Kent, Lorraine, Lourdes, Fatima, Savannah, Sydney, etc. Recently Brooklyn has become quite popular, and Cairo is rising, too. In times past, names were primarily based on places and professions, so what's the big deal?
FactChecca  5/8/2019
According to ISTAT Siena was used as a given name in 1999, 2000, 2007, 2012, 2013 and 2015. Every year less than five babies were born with this name except for 2013 when there were born 5 Sienas.
Felie  11/4/2018
Siena is not a given name here. It has been used rarely these years but it is not well-known at all. I hope that some city names (Siena among these) will become officially seen as given names because of their historical and cultural role in Italy.
Felie  11/4/2018
Sienna isn't that bad, though I don't care for it. Siena, however, sounds ridiculous. It's yet another Italian city name, which is silly because no one in Italy is named Siena.
bananarama  4/22/2010
The Italian city itself is pronounced "see-EH-nah" in Italian.
LoQuiero  3/27/2008
Siena McMahon is the main character in the novel Adored by Tilly Bagshawe. This is a great book by the way!
reverie  11/11/2007
Siena looks more cooler than Sienna. (though I like both.)
7up  1/31/2007
In Lithuanian the word "siena" means "wall".
monie  3/13/2005

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