The Walt Disney Company couldn't choose a more original name!
Haaaaaaa savanya ikabiski babha?
I wouldn’t use it as a name for a child because of the Lion King association. I’d use it for a cat though.
The actual way to spell "Lion" in Swahili is "Nsimba" not "Simba". For the movie "The Lion King", they took off the first letter to make it easier to pronounce for American audiences (and anyone whom isn't African or doesn't fluently speak Swahili).
Nope, it's too associated with The Lion King. Sounds more like a pet name anyway.
The actual translation is strength not power.
A nice name for a cat, preferrably a red male.
I've heard plenty of weird names, but Simba? Seriously? I have only two words about this being an actual given name; oh, brother!
I adore the name Simba! Although you will have to be pretty brave to name your son Simba. Everybody will first think about the Lion King.
Cool! Sounds very masculine but not hard masculine, which I like. That is hard to find.
Simba is the lion in "The Lion King," a movie and Broadway play.
In Shona Simba means power, the most common full form of the name is Simbarashe, 'rashe' means 'of God' therefore the English translation would be power of God. Otherwise in Shona again the root name Simba could be in the form of Masimba meaning 'Ma' meaning 'much' therefore the full name would be translated to mean 'much power'.
Shona (Zimbabwean) name meaning POWER.

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