Also Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Faroese:
Gender: Masculine

Usages: Dutch, Dutch (Antillean)

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Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars -- era Simeon Caratsch
Also Gascon: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Reminds me of simian. Or sie-me-on.
SIM-ee-ahn and or SEE-mawn in English. SIM-ee-ən on the other hand is for the word simian.
I'm here because I was looking up the pronunciation of it, since a character in Obey Me! (game) is named this. I don't really like the pronunciation and thought it was pronounced like Simon up until now. Oops. But yea, it seems all the characters are named after things, like Solomon, Asmodeus, Lucifer (obv), Satan (also obv), Leviathan, etc. The character definitely impacted my ratings of the name to be honest.
I know somebody very close (maybe me) who's name is Simeon. Every time in school when a substitute tries to pronounce his name from the attendance sheet, she is like, "Uhh, Is it Simon? Simeoan? I'm so sorry!" It's like, at least ask before humiliating him in front of the class please. I think this name is not that hard to pronounce, and people only mispronounce it because they are not trying, or to tease you.
Simeon Solomon (1840 – 1905) was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter.
Also borne by Saint Symeon the New Theologian, (Orthodox Church), 949-1022 AD. One of only three given the title "Theologian".
The name Simeon was given to 201 boys born in the US in 2015.
My name is Simeon and yea it might mean monkey, but I don't care as I was born in the chinese year of the monkey and I act like a monkey, I'm cheeky and make people laugh. And the meaning "God is listening" is true because I came around in time to save my mother. This name means so much to me, I'm proud to say my name is SIMEON...
Just stick to Simon, please. This looks like some weird "creative" spelling, and as mentioned before, simian, pronounced the same way, means resembling a monkey. Just don't use this.
Simeon (1665-1669) was the son of Tsar Alexei I of Russia and his wife Maria.
Simeon is a character in the novel "World Without End" by Ken Follett.
Hitchcock's Bible dictionary states that Simeon means "He has heard" and references Genesis 29:33. In that passage, Leah, the first wife of the patriarch Jacob, rejoiced because she believed that God had heard her prayer. Therefore, the original use of the name celebrated Leah's conviction that the Heavenly Father was a good listener. And that the Heavenly Father had not only HEARD Leah's prayers - but had ANSWERED them as well!

The Hebrew for Simeon is as follows:

In the New Testament, Simeon was the name of a prophet in Jerusalem who blessed the baby Jesus when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple for the first time. Luke 2:25-40

There are ALSO several mentions of the name Simeon when the ancestors of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, are listed in Luke 3:23-38.

Acts 13 mentions a prophet and teacher in the early church at Antioch who was named Simeon. Simeon was among those elders who commissioned one of the earliest missionary journeys of Paul.

The Greek form for Simeon which is used in the New Testament is as follows:
Much better than Simon, and sounds strong.
Simeon was a character in the novel Jacob's Room.
On the children's show Gullah, Gullah Island the youngest boy is named Simeon, also the actor's real name.
I find that it is refreshingly different from Simon.
My little borther's name is Simeon, and I think he likes it. It is unique and interesting. People always ask about it, and we call him "Sim" for short. I think that it is a good name for a boy.
Simeon was Name of the Day on Tuesday, August 28th, 2007.
Simeon also means good listener which I think is a lovely meaning for a son!
The homophone (simian) means "monkey," but for some kids this may make it even more appropriate!
I know of only 2 Simeons who attend my school. One is in 7th grade and the other is in 6th and both strangely have a twin and the one in 7th and I don't get along so I have a bad impression of people with the name Simeon. Yet, it would be a lovely name to have because an old bearer is the man who blessed Jesus Christ.
In Bulgaria it's pronounced si-me-ON.
Also Serbian.

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