I agree that it would be a good idea to spell it Siripon in English-speaking countries to avoid teasing.
Nice meaning, but I can't stop reading this as "Siri porn."
Even though it would be attractive to a Thai, DO NOT ever use it outside of Thailand. For obvious reasons.
WHY. JUST WHY. This name reminds me of porn out of Siri (the assistant).
Oh no. If you value your daughter and you live in an English speaking country, no.
Oh wow, separate the Siri and the porn.
I love this name, but the porn part messes it up for me. Still, the history is great and it is a pretty name.
This name shares the same issue as, "Porntip"; they're both interesting and lovely Thai names, but it does have the blatant word, "porn" in it. Despite not being pronounced the same way as the English word, your kid would still be teased by some ignorant jerk. I'm not saying not to use this name, but it would be best to drop the R so that the kid isn't picked on.
Siriporn Ampaipong is a mor lam and luk thung singer from the Isan region of Thailand. Siriporn Ampaipong was born into a family of mor lam singers in Udon Thani Province. Most of her songs are sentimental ballads.
A child would get teased mercilessly for this name even if they were from a non english speaking country.

To say it in one sentence: don't use this name regardless of where you are from. I'm certain that this is a submitted name, so great odds are that the name is made up.
A very idiotic and brainless made up name at that.
In response to ThatMazerunnerfan, I'd like to say that this is not an "idiotic and brainless" name. It might sound odd, but that gives you no right to say that ALL countries would tease a child bearing this name. In the Thai language, that name element is not the same as how Americans perceive it. People from other countries who see American names can say they're "idiotic" or "brainless", so watch your tongue. Heck, they might even think YOUR name is idiotic! This isn't a submitted name, or else it wouldn't be in the main database. It's an ethnic Thai name, and even if you think it sounds stupid, it's still a real name, regardless of your opinion. And tell me, if they were to get teased in non English speaking countries, which countries use "porn" the same way America does?
Plus, I've been looking into Thai names lately, and the "porn" is not pronounced as it would be in English. In Thai, it's pronounced as "POHN".
I think the -porn part is pronounced more like "poh" or "pohn", so I guess if a girl called Siriporn moved to an English-speaking country, she could just change the spelling of her name if she wanted to. Anyway it's not pronounced like the English "porn"!
In an English speaking country, a child bearing this name would be teased mercilessly for their name containing the word "porn".

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