Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. SHRAH

Meaning & History

Limburgish form of GERARD. Its spelling has been influenced by the French pronunciation of Gérard.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesGerhard(Ancient Germanic) Gerard(Catalan) Gerhard, Gert, Kai, Kaj(Danish) Gerard, Gerhard, Gerrit, Geert, Gerd, Gerry, Gert, Kai(Dutch) Gerard, Gerrard, Jerrard(English) Kai(Finnish) Gérard(French) Gerrit, Jorrit, Jurryt, Jurre, Kai, Kay(Frisian) Gerhard, Gerd, Gerhardt, Gert, Kai(German) Gellért(Hungarian) Gearóid(Irish) Gerardo, Gherardo(Italian) Ģirts(Latvian) Gerhard, Kai(Norwegian) Gerard(Polish) Gerardo(Spanish) Gerhard, Gert, Kai(Swedish)

Entry added December 3, 2009