Skuld to me sounds like a unisex name.
Am I the only one thinking of Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie?
It sounds like a mixture between Mulder and Scully's names, from "X-Files."
Skuld actually has several meanings. Indeed, it can mean "Future", but it can also mean "Necessity" or "That which must become". In modern Icelandic, which is closely related to Norse, the word Skuld means "debt" or something which must be paid back.
Skuld is the name of 2 characters in Norse mythology. The first is a Norn by the name of Skuld, the 2nd a Valkyrie by name of Skuld (Although some sources insist that the Norn and the Valkyrie are the same being) and the 3rd Skuld is a princess who married Heoroweard and the daughter of either Adils or Helgi. Skuld is the one who encourages Heoroweard to kill Hrólf Kraki.

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