The glory of Eastern Europe, with everyone being called Slavic. Like with Brittany meaning British, and Francis meaning French.
Slavica Ecclestone is the ex-wife of former Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone and a former model. Slavica Ecclestone née Radić was born in Rijeka, PR Croatia, FPR Yugoslavia where her Bosnian Serb parents — Jovo Radić and Ljubica Malić from Maglajani and Riječani, respectviely, both villages within the Laktaši municipality, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina — settled shortly before her birth in search of expanded job opportunities. The family soon moved back to northern Bosnia to her father's village meaning Slavica would spend the majority of her childhood in Maglajani.
Also a feminine name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
The 'c' is pronounced as 'ts' or 'tz' - Slavitsa or Slavitza. The name Slavica has 3 syllables and **NOT** 2 as often pronounced in English. In Croatian words of three or more syllables, stress may fall on any syllable except the last.

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