It’s not even pretty... a bit trendy for a couple of years and that’s it. I would hate to be a girl named Sloan!
Sloan is a male character in the novel “My Year of Meats’ by Ruth Ozeki.
Rather unattractive. This spelling looks more masculine than Sloane.
The treacherous Sloan Blackburn from Wild Thornberrys Movie.
Like Blanche, Sloane really needs that E at the end. Sloan just... doesn't look right to me. Not that Sloan seems more masculine, necessarily (it doesn't), but it looks more "surname as a first name" than Sloane does.
I really hate this name.
This name can also be a masculine name.In the USA, it was given to 73 boys in 2016.
In the UK, it was also given to 5 boys in 2012. [noted -ed]
Whenever I hear this name I picture in my mind an anthropomorphic slime girl for some reason. That doesn't mean I will not consider this name for my daughter, though, because I actually like this name.
I love this name. The first time I heard it I misheard it and thought it was 'alone' and then a couple minutes later I heard it again and fell in love with it right after that. Soon after that I started planing name ideas for a future daughter:
Sloan Mckenna
Sloan Ivy
Sloan Joanne
Sloan Renea
Sloan Dory
I really wanted to name one of my two daughters that, but sadly my husband turned all of the above down :[
Love it! My name is Ellison "Ellie". It's a family name for me, but I think it's cute. Personally I don't think it should be a first name, but maybe that's just me.
One of the ugliest and unattractive names I have ever came across. But spelling wise, I can understand why "Sloane" is more popular. Horrible name but spelling wise, Sloane is by far better.
My oldest son's name is Sloan. It's my grandmother's maiden name. I've grown to love the name more over the years. He's 8 years old now. He's the only Sloan at his school. We haven't met any other Sloan's. He is very smart, athletic, and he has a wonderful personality. He's tough and I can't imagine him having any other name!
Seems more like a male name to me. If I had just seen the name written without any indication of the person's gender, I would think it was a guy.
I'm surprised to see how uncommon this name is, because I know 2 people named Sloan. I honestly don't like it very much, it's not very pretty and doesn't sound like a name to me.
As I have ancestors with this surname, I could easily use it. I've since, however, discovered that it means "raid" and now all I can think about are insect spray commercials. I would have never considered it as a name at all, but I keep seeing it on name sites lately. I could see this on a boy as well, but I think the general consensus is that it's a girl's name.
I think Sloan sounds like a male name. I cannot imagine a girl being named Sloan. That would just be terrible!
Sloan is Ferris' girlfriend in the amazing and classic American movie, "Ferris Bueller."
I actually really like this name. I don't know if I would put it as a first name, but definitely a middle name. It's unique, pretty, classy, and strong. Very nice name.
Ugliest name for a girl ever.
I really like this name for a girl.
I think Sloan is a strong, offbeat, fabulous name for a girl.
When I first read this name in novel, I thought it was the weirdest name for a girl I had ever seen. It's been a few years since then, and I had forgotten about it until it came up while I was watching tv. You know what? I rather like this name now, athough I don't know if I would want to name a child that. It seems more appropriate for the place I first read it. A novel.
He is a nasty butcher in Eragon and Eldest (my favorite books ever). I couldn't name my kid this, and it is ugly.
Sloan Parker was the name of Debra Messing's character in "Prey".
It's pronounced with a long "o." Not slo-an!

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