I would never kick a Snorre out of bed for SNORRing!
When I was little, I watched a German cartoon show called "Wickie".
One of the character's name was Snorre.
No way!
Boring, may cause the adjective of name to occur.
Gosh golly, Snore over there is the life of the party.
Yawn... I'm already SNORing what a boring name! Hehehe puns! But this name is boring and snorish.
I actually came across a guy named Snorre at my university in Amsterdam (although I didn't see him in person). There was a note from him on the bulletin board saying he would like to teach Norwegian. Nothing special you'd say, but we found it actually pretty funny because 'snor' in Dutch means moustache!
Great name. ^_^
No one would use this in Sweden. It's a slang word for a penis and always causes giggles in school!

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