Hate it. I like Sophie, Sophia, and Sofia better.
Pretty. I agree that it’s prettier than Sofia.
I prefer this over Sofia, Sophia, and Sophie! I also like Sofie Dossi!
It sounds comforting and gentle. A good nickname for a baby Sophia or Sophie.
Pronounced soo-FEE in Swedish.
My name is Sofia, I don't like my name. I am definitely not a girly girl so I like to be called Sofie instead. It's more of my style.
Add Usage: Swedish, Norwegian, English

Pronounced: SO-fee (Swedish, Dutch, English), so-FEE-eh (Norwegian), SO-fi-eh (Czech)
I love Sofie! My sister's name is Zofia (we're Polish) and I've never liked this name nor any of its conventional nicknames like Zosia. Now she's 10 and also doesn't like it, so we're inventing lots of other names for her. I regularly call her Sofie and spell it mostly this way. Sometimes I also tend to spell it Sophie, but I think the spelling with f is more elegant and fits her more. I also often call her Sofia/Sophia and also like the spelling Sofia more. Sometimes I spell it just Sofi or pronounce SAW-fee instead of so-FEE. I like the nickname Fee or Fie or Fi or Fifi for Sofie and also use it for her and it's very charming and fits her soooo much. Sometimes I call her Sofij(k)a (saw-FEE-y(k)ah) which I think could also work as a more original nickname for a Sofie, or with Z instead of S. I've found out somewhere that Vivi is a Swedish diminutive of Sofia and although I'm not really sure if it's true we've also adopted it for our Vivi. Sofie has such a delicate, fresh sound I like this "fi" in it the most I guess. When I'm pissed off by my Sofie I call her sofa. We also have tons of more creative nicknames like Sofilator, Sofisha, Sofie Toffi, Sofie Fee and so on.
Sofie is the name of a Belgian Dutch speech synthesiser produced by Acapela Group.
Sofie is a middle name of Danish singer Amanda Pedersen, who often collaborates with the German duo Fahrenhaidt.
I was going to be named Sofie but my dad didn’t want people to call me sofa.
Sophie used to be my favorite girl's name, but now I much prefer Sofie. It isn't as common here in the US, but I think it looks a lot prettier with the "f" than the "ph." Same for Sophia and Sofia.
I just love it! My mom's name is Sonia and I want to name my future daughter after her and this is a perfect name, since my family is Scandinavian and German!
This is my name and I rather like it, even though it's kind of annoying having to constantly correct people who spell it S-o-p-h-i-e.

A common nickname for Sofie is also Sofoula.
The German pronunciation given by is wrong. Certainly, there MIGHT be Germans who pronounce Sofie "ZO-fee", but in general, we say: "zoh-FEE", emphasizing the second syllable. [noted -ed]
Journalist Ondřej Höppner and actress Ivana Jirešová have a daughter Sofie Höppner (2004).
Also pronounced "so-fi:ye".
A common petname for Sofie is 'Fie' (pronounced "FEE-eh", "FEE-ä" or "FEE-ö), which is also a given name.
The Dutch pronunciation can also be so-FEE. [noted -ed]
Since the 1880's Sofie hasn't appeared on the top 1000 list.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sofie here:
Also Norwegian.
My sister is named Sofie, but her friends calls her Såffi.

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