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In German, the word "Solange", means "as long".
Everyone is going to assume a Solange was named after Beyonce's sister.
Who even knows who Beyonce's sister is? LMAO.
Solange is also the name of the French woman who becomes first a lover, then a wife, then a mother of three, but ultimately dies in Danielle Steele's novel Kaleidoscope. The manner of her death seems to coincide with the folklore, in that her husband Sam, in a fit of jealous rage, strangles her to death.
In the movie The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967), Françoise Dorleac & her sister Catherine Deneuve play sisters named Solange & Delphine.
Solange Piaget Knowles is an American singer, songwriter, model and actress. Expressing an interest in music from an early age, Knowles had several temporary stints in Destiny's Child, before signing with her father Mathew Knowles's Music World Entertainment label. At age 16, Knowles released her first studio album Solo Star. Between 2005 and 2007, Knowles had several minor acting roles, including the direct-to-video Bring It On: All or Nothing and continued writing music for her older sister Beyonce Knowles-Carter and for ex-Destiny's Child band members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. In 2007, Knowles began to write and record music again. Her second studio album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams deviated from the pop-oriented music of her debut to the Motown Sound of the 1960s and 1970s. It peaked at number nine on US Billboard 200 and received positive reviews from critics. She followed this up with the 1980s pop and R&B–inspired extended play True and her third studio album, A Seat at the Table on Columbia Records and her imprint Saint Records. The latter became her first number-one album in the United States. In December 2016, Billboard magazine ranked her as the 100th most successful dance artist of all-time.
Solange Knowles- singer, songwriter, model, actress, and younger sister to Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.
This has been very informative on my given name. Although having read about St. Solange I'm not so sure I like my name anymore, so sad :( I wish it meant angel of the sun, it's actually lovely in comparison to solemn :/
This is one of my favorite French names. I want to move to France one day and possibly name my daughter this. It's so beautiful, both in its actual etymology of "religious" and in its false etymology of "sun angel".
None of you heard of Saint Solange? Means "religious" and it's from the Latin
Solange in German means 'as long as'.
Solange Robillard is the name of Scarlett O'Hara's maternal grandmother in Gone With the Wind. She died before her daughter Ellen married Gerald O'Hara, but she is mentioned as: "a very great lady" and "a dainty, cold, high-nosed Frenchwoman, who spared neither her children nor her servants their just punishment for any infringement of decorum." Later on she is mentioned as being a Frenchwoman whose parents had fled the 1791 Revolution in Haiti. She had "slanting dark eyes", "inky lashes" and black hair. She was married to Pierre Robillard "a soldier of Napoleon" and lived in Savannah, Georgia as a member of "one of the wealthiest and proudest families on the Coast".
In france, it's an old fashioned name, very uncommon on kids nowadays. It might come back into fashion, though.
The name Solange was given to 70 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
There are French words that are derived from Latin whose forms changed in French and included the letters "ange", or variations of that. These letters hadn't been included in the original Latin word.
For example:

(Latin -> French)
Granea -> grange
Vindemia -> vendange
Extranea -> étrange
Somnium -> songe
Diluvium -> déluge‎

As you can see, it's common for some letter combinations to become "nge" in French. The Latin name Sollemnia changing to French Solange is quite natural and would fit this pattern. As one of the previous commenters has stated, the name Solange is not related to the words for "angel" or "solitary". That's not the true etymology.
I know this sounds immature, but it always reminds me of blamanche.
Terribly sorry, but the word sol is never, ever, ever the French word for 'alone'. Ever. The word for 'lone, solitary' is 'seul' -not- 'sol' - in French, 'sol' means 'soil' or, occasionally, 'floor'. If we're going by some strange blending of words, which isn't incredibly rare but is still a bit unusual in French, one would get 'Sol' + 'ange' - "Angel of the floor", "Angel of the soil"? Not exactly great origins. Are we overlooking the fact that 'sol' and 'ange' are both masculine nouns? A little bit contra-intuitive for a female name, but I guess such things do happen.

I also find the etymology of 'Sol' = 'sun' as suspect. Okay, so Sol(eil) + ange... not impossible, but definitely unusual. In many contracted names, the original name was the full sense - for example, Marilou was originally taken from Marie Louise. The contraction of Solange is unusual unless there was originally the idea of Soleil-Ange or Soleil Ange as a name, which, as any Francophone would tell you, is almost hysterically absurd and stupid sounding.

Sol is indeed a poetic and folkloric name for the sun in many language, ultimately taken from the latinate name for the sun. If the case, the meaning "Angel of Sol" may be acceptable, but I am highly skeptical. Beyond highly skeptical.

I'm terribly sorry, guys, but I find the given origin, through a series of linguistic mutations, to be infinitely more plausible than pretty folk etymologies which fall apart when examined linguistically. I hate to be pretentious. Sol(eil) as an origin is indeed possible, but -highly- unlikely. If of purely French origin with no outside sources, there is -no way, shape or form- in which it can mean 'solitary angel'... ever. Sol does -not- equal 'seul'.
What a nice name! One of the few French names I really like, I chose this to be my name in French class this year. And the meaning (according to my teacher) is gorgeous, "angel of the sun"!
Solange is pronounced sol-AWnZH in French. The _an_ is nasalised. [noted -ed]
I was a little surprised at the etymology of the name. I also assumed that it had to do with some 'angel' of sorts. And Seraphine_eternal is right: alone in French IS "seul(e)" - the pronunciation between the two would sound very close, however, to an English speaker.

Solange is also the name of the cat in the comic strip "9 Chickweed Lane", and the name of a prostitute, not seen but talked of by Rex Harrison's character in the little known but cute movie "The Reluctant Debutante".
Solange was the name of the character played by Lidia Brondi in the Brazilian TV soap opera "Vale tudo".
This is a beautiful name, but it also sounds like "salon", and everyone thinks of Beyoncé's sister. I love both Beyoncé and her sister, but who wants their name associated with a celebrity?
This name is so pretty! Oh, and bananarama, I DO! Oh, wait, I do!
The name is beautiful, but attributing the meaning to the Latin "sollemnis" sounds too far-fetched for me. I'd readily accept the meaning proposed by Star Sister; it's even lovelier that way. Besides, I never knew there was a St Solange until now - this just goes to show how rare it is as a saint name, and I think that, were I to use it, it wouldn't really be sacrilegious. I mean, just look at the number of bearers of "Mary", "Maria", etc.

To leananshae: I believe the French word for "alone" or "only" is "seul(e)"?
A very pretty name, but I would never use a saint name. Or a martyr name. Or a prophet name, or anything religious, as long as it's avoidable. Besides, the fact that this is Beyoncé Knowles' sister's name has ruined this name, don't you think? I can't stand her music, and I don't expect her sister to be much less annoying as a person either.
In French pronounced sohl-aw(n)j. I agree with the previous poster who commented about the presence of the French word "ange" or "angel" in this name and would like to add that the word "sol" in French means "alone" or "only, depending on the context it's used. So, Solange could mean "Solitary Angel" alternatively.
I think it's pretty.
I have also seen this name described as having the meaning "angel of the sun", I suppose from shortening the French word for sun, soleil, and pairing it with the word for angel, ange. Although I'm sure it's incorrect, I must say I prefer the definition "angel of the sun" over "solemn". But, that's just me!
This is the name of singer Beyonce Knowles' sister. I don't know whether that counts as a "famous bearer" or not.
Well she's famous and she's bearing it, so what's there to be unsure about?
I've read that Solange comes from sollemnis, a Latin word that means "solemn." I've also read that it means "rare jewel," but I do not know the origin of that meaning.

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