Sondra was the name of the magical evil aunt in a short story by Jackson Malloy.
It’s not bad.
Sounds like sombre, which seems quite fitting.
I would find this name stunningly beautiful if it didn't sicken me and make me cringe like it does. I had an abusive "teacher" for five years and we called by her first name, which was, you guessed it- Sondra. "Mrs. Sondra." UGH! I hate that my lovely sister Sandra always gets mistaken for having this sadistic monstrosity of a name.
There is a character from the wonderful 1965 movie "A Thousand Clowns" credited as Sandra, but she pronounces it Sondra, and so this is how I have always imagined it spelled. She is a beautiful, exuberant woman described by the main character Murray as "a lover of things and of people" and that she should "have all the gratitude" she can that she is "capable of embarrassment and joy" and is "a marathon crier." As a result, I associate this lovely name with that movie and her attributes.
Sigh. This name is just plain ugly. It already sounds like the name of an obese middle-aged woman, and it's modern. Plus, it sounds like the name of a low-class, unpleasant middle-aged woman at that.
Wait, I guess if this name is pronounced ''SUNN-dra'', with a SHORT vowel sound in the first syllable, it sounds nice. However, if it's anything like ''SAAHN-dra'' in a nasal pronunciation, or, horror of all horrors, ''SAAWN-dra'', the name is plain hideous.
One of the main characters in the novel "An American Tragedy" by Theodor Dreiser is named "Sondra". I always much preferred this name to the far more common "Sandra", it makes you think more of the sun than the sand. It sounds special and pretty. It even looks better written down.
Sondra was the name of the oldest daughter on The Cosby Show.

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