Sonia Nevermind from Danganronpa v2 :)
Gorgeous name! It's a very nice alternative to Sophia and it sounds like a princess's name.
My grandfather would affectionately call me Sonia Infante not only because my name is Sonia and I was also an Infant but also because he said I reminded him of her (she was a Mexican Actress). My grandmother would affectionately call me Sonia Lopez (she was a Mexican singer).
It spells Ainos backwards! Reminds me of the word Anus.
Sonia Nevermind is a character in Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (not Danganronpa v3)
People mention that they prefer the Sonya spelling but I disagree. As someone who prefers the pronunciation "SOAN-ia"/"SOH-nia", I feel like the Sonya spelling makes people want to pronounce it like "Sawn-yah"/"San-yah" (which honestly I feel like you hear more in the US...), which I find so unattractive.

I think Sonia is very pretty.
My name is Sonia Renee. My grandfather named me because my mother was going to name me Veronica Michelle and he had a fit. I have had to deal with mispronunciation of my name my whole life. But I am happy with it because of my grandfather.

I was in class with a Sonya and a Sonja in grade school. We were all born in 1969.
Very nice! A great way to steer away, yet still stick with, the awesome yet common name Sophia/Sofia. Sapphire also has those connotations. And this has the wonderful nickname Sunny.
Sonia Nevermind is the super high school level princess in Danganronpa v3.
It’s my name too... People have always misspelled it as Sonya, but that’s okay, you get used to it.
My name is Sonia, more likely spelled like Sonija. My mother is Russian and she named me like that. I live in Germany and here this is a really rare name, so I like my name not to be overused. I adore my name because it sounds really nice and girly, like a beautiful, colorful flower or something like that. The meaning of this name is probably Greek "wise".
Sonia or Sonya is a wide faced Russian woman, waddling along a city street in her babushka, pushing a grocery cart.
Sort of clever and witty sounding.
I prefer this spelling to Sonya. Such a pretty alternative to Sophia.
I like “Sonya” better.
Sonia Nevermind is a character featured in the game Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and one of the characters involved in the Danganronpa series.
Sonia Evans was a popular singer in the 1980s to 1990s. She went by Sonia, no last name.
Beautiful name, and currently underused. I adore Sonia, and feel that, along with Sylvia and Sylvie, it is the perfect alternative to Sophia and Sophie, if you love those names, but are reluctant to use them because of their popularity. Sonia would also be a great Tanya/Tania alternative.
Sonia Rodriguez is a Canadian ballerina. Born in Toronto, she moved to Madrid, Spain at age five with her family, where she received dance training with Pedro de la Cruz. She also studied at the Princess Grace Academy in Monaco. In 1989, at an international competition in Capri, Rodriguez won the Enrico Cecchetti award, and the following year she returned to Canada to join the National Ballet of Canada.
Sonia Gandhi (born Edvige Antonia Albina Màino, 9 December 1946) is an Italian-born Indian politician, who has served as President of the Indian National Congress party since 1998.
The name Sonia was given to 243 girls born in the US in 2015.
This is my daughter's name but she goes by Sonnie. She's a 4 year old red-head and won't tolerate being called Sonia... maybe when she's older.
Sonia the Hedgehog is a fictional character from the animated television series, Sonic Underground.
This was the name of one of my great aunts. I really like it, but everyone spells Sonia as Sonya. Sonya looks vulgar and terrible. I believe she was named after a Ukrainian figure skater named Sonia. It's a really unique name I have yet to meet a Sonia. (my great aunt died before I was born.)
Sonia Rodriquez, she's the sweet, kind and independent character in the book The Secret life of Sonia Rodriguez. She's the modern day Cinderella and try to overcome the burden of being a Mexican American. She's a great example for most immigrants.
My name is Sonia, and while I used to like my name, at this point in time I cannot recommend naming your child or yourself this. People never had too much trouble with my name until Sophia became more popular. Everyone calls me Sophia now, and I have to correct them over and over. It's become so grating (on top of the ugly, nasal mispronunciation "Sahn-yuh" that I still get, *and* all of the misspellings) that I'm changing my name. Sonia is a pretty enough name, and I've gotten many compliments on it. But until the thing for Sophia dies down, I wouldn't use it unless you want to subject your child to extreme annoyance once everyone's little Sophias are in class together with her/him/them.

Edit: When I do get it through to people that my name is Sonia, Sonya Blade is always brought up. I'm so sick of MK references.
Beautiful name, this was my great aunts name. The 'Y' is to trendy and common! This name works for every age and isn't common without being wierd. Its just so classic and modern at the same time! This name is one of my favorites.
The Italian pronunciation is SOH-nyah. [noted -ed]
Sonia Haft Greene, a milliner and amateur publisher, was married to writer H.P. Lovecraft for two years, from 1924-1929.
Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic justice on the US Supreme Court. She was appointed just two weeks ago.
This name is also used in French.
There is a movie called "Red Sonia" about a female warrior.
This is my middle name. I wish it was my first name. It sounds very elegant and delicate.
Sonia was the duck in Disney's Peter and the Wolf.
Well I always have liked my name Sonia because it is not weird but it is uncommon. It is nice to be the only Sonia in your school growing up.
This is a prettier spelling of Sonya. The name sounds nice, as long as it isn't pronounced too nasally and with too long a vowel sound on the first syllable.
Sonia Deol is a radio DJ for the BBC's Asian Network.
Czech and Slovak version is Soňa. [noted -ed]
Pronounced as "Sawn-ya".
Name Day: 28th March.
Sonia´s pet forms are Sonny, Sonička, Žofie, Sonica,
My middle name is Sonia, except I pronounce it so-ne-ya. It means friend in Hindi, thay's why my mom gave Sonia as my middle name.
Sonia appeared on the top 1000 list in 1910. Its most popular year was the 1970's where it ranked 183.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sonia here:
Sonia is a beautiful name, I like the spelling Sonya I think better.
A famous bearer of this name is Brazilian actress Sonia Braga.
Sonia Delaunay was a French painter born in Russia. She was the wife of painter Robert Delaunay.
The name Sonia has Russian origins and essentially means 'wisdom', like the name Sophie in Greek (philo[sophy] being the study of wisdom).

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