This is just terrible. You can call your kid that as a nickname, it works for everyone, just like Buddy or Sweetheart. Don't put it on his birth certificate. This is such a burden to live with, so immature and ridiculous. He will grow up.
I remember boys getting called this name even if it wasn't their name when they were in trouble. It was a condescending thing that a dad would call his son or a policeman would use on a juvenile delinquent. It was like calling a kid "boy." It reminds me of that gangster on General Hospital and that man who was married to Cher. Both of them were shorter than the average American male.
Dunno what to call your son? Call em' Sonny-

Jokes aside I think it's an okay name- It reminds me of warm sunny days.
Sonny can also be used as a variant of Sunny, or as a diminutive of Sonya, Sonia, Sonja, or other names beginning with a similar sound.
Sounds ridiculous as a name. And who in their right mind would name a girl this?
Sonny is a great name and it is a boy's name.
I think Sonny is the best name ever and it is definitely a boy's name!
Sonny is the younger cousin of Usnavi De La Vega from the musical In The Heights.
Sonny Mendoza is the name of a character in the Brat web series "On the Ropes".
Oh this name is so girly! I like Sonny for a girl, not a boy really. Sonny for a boy is too obvious and stereotypical. Sonny for a girl is very cute and elegant without being too obvious on a girl. Madison is a girl's name, since Maddy is a cute nickname, Sonny could also fill the gap.
Lol. This is what old people call boys. "Hey, Sonny!"
The name Sonny was given to 266 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Sonny are male.
I always had a great weakness for "Sonny" or "Sunny", one of my fave names, probably because of Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice, the smart Don Johnson, my absolute must in the eighties- my favorite actor in that time (-:
I'm 22 and I still like being called Sonny instead of David.
I agree with several of the above posters. This name is a nickname for a young son and should stay that way. Why is it even a given name?

If you seriously like this 'name', name your son something decent such as Samuel, Frederick, or Thomas and call him Sonny in private as a nickname.

I feel sorry for all the poor boys/men out there who have this as their legal first name.
Sonny John Moore, AKA Skrillex.
Sonny is an amazing name.
Sonny John Moore, or Skrillex, a popular DJ/music producer.
It's a good name and I think it's pretty cute.
Skrillex, a electronic musician, was born Sonny John Moore.
This was the name of my aunt's dog. Enough said.
On the American soap opera General Hospital there is a character called Sonny Corinthos (not his given name, but it's the only name used for him). He's a mobster and a pretty popular character. If you're thinking of using this name but are concerned about how it would work for an adult, youtube him and see. It works pretty well for a character known for being intense and ruthless.
To be honest if someone is willing to call their child Jayden or Rocco, which are stupid names for grown men (can you imagine a 40 year old Jayden?) then why can't they call their child Sonny, which has been round since the 1920's?
Sonny Munroe, Demi Lovato's character on Disney channel's "Sonny With a Chance."
Come on, Sonny is a NICKNAME, and not a very professional-sounding one! It doesn't suit a grown man at all. I don't understand why Sophie Ellis-Bextor would use this as the legal name of her son.
Pop singers Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Richard Jones have a son Sonny, born 23th April 2004.
I actually like this name very much for a girl. :)
What a ridiculous, infantile name. This shouldn't really be a nickname to begin with, but rather an affectionate word used for one's son. It's kind of like ''sweety'' and ''darling''. Just not romantic, ha ha. But how on earth could a man named Sonny be taken seriously? Okay, in the 80s, by Republicans, it apparently was. Ah well, if you can take a guy who goes by Rush seriously, I suppose anyone can be successful! This name is sheer LUNACY on girls. Come on, the term of affection itself spells it out quite clearly, don't ya think? At least spell it Sunny!
Sophie Ellis-Bextor named her son Sonny.
Sonny is what you call a boy or a young man. I don't know how it can be a name.
Sonny is Adam Sandler's character in Big Daddy. =)
I was a bit surprised to see the name because Sonny sounds like a famous electronic company 'Sony'.
Only because of Sonny Moore and this kid named Sonny on "My Own" do I like the name. The lead singer of POD's name is also Sonny.
This name reminds me of mobsters because of the movies A Bronx Tale and The Godfather, but it could be a nickname for Madison, Alison, Addison, Carson, Jackson, Jamison, Grayson, Emerson, Edison, Mason, Jefferson, Harrison, or any other name ending in son.
The oldest son in the fictional Corleone family (The Godfather) is named Santino, but called Sonny.
Sonny Bono was an American Senator, but was better known for being the "Sonny" half of "Sonny and Cher."
There is a very famous and talented musician named Sonny Rollins.
A famous bearer of this name, is Sonny Moore, the lead vocalist in the hardcore band From First To Last.

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