According to two sources, Sotiris is a variant of Sotirios: (in English; states that Sotiris is a common variant of Sotirios)
• see the entry for Sotiris at Pavlos' Etymologica: (in English; states that Sotiris is not just a variant, but an informal one at that!)

Sotiris can also be the modern Greek transcription of the ancient Greek name Soteris. Depending on the gender of the bearer, it was written as Σωτήρις (masculine) and Σωτηρίς (feminine). There were more female bearers (by far) than male bearers in ancient times. One of them was a saint from the early 4th century AD.

- (in English)
- see the entry for Soteris at Pavlos' Etymologica: (in English)
- Soteris at the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN): (in English; features 133 results)
- (in Spanish)
- saint Soteris (4th century AD): (in English)
Sotiris Tsiodras, Greek virologist who steers Greece through the Corona pandemic.
This is one of my favourite Greek boys names. In an English speaking setting I feel like I wouldn't like it as much though, as they may pronounce it similar to how you pronounce 'cheese' in Greek- 'ti-ree'. It should be pronounced 'so-tee-ri'.
I despise this name. I grew up with a bratty boy called Sotiris and he's ruined it for me. Also, I just find it kind of ugly.

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