Spiridon Vangheli is a Moldovan children's author.
Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, a personal cook of Lenin’s and also the grandfather of the current Russian president.
I don't think Spiridon could be called a variant transcription in the case of Russia; it is just the Russian form of Spyridon. After all, all Greek names containing -y- become -i- in Russian (since the Russian alphabet doesn't have a separate letter for the "ee"-sound written as 'y'). Just compare:

- Cyrus --> Kir
- Cyril --> Kirill
- Neophytos --> Neofit
- Tryphon --> Trifon

And so on. :)

Anyway, Spiridon is also the "national" form of Spyridon in:

- Croatia
- Georgia (written as სპირიდონ in Georgian)
- Serbia (written as Спиридон in Serbian). [noted -ed]

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