It's disappointing that a grand name like Anastasia became Stacy, if this is really how Stacy came to be. It's youthful, urban and modern. Everything I dislike...
Stacy, the feminine Chad.
Much better than Anastasia, but I prefer Stacey with an "e".
Nothing much to say. Plain and boring. I don't see any charm with this name. Like some nickname for some other name, but as a full name, really, there are so many better names than this.
Love, love, love this name! The double "s" sound in both the beginning and end is very unique and appealing. I prefer it without the "E" at the end, I think that's a bit overkill. I also like that it's not super common. It's definitely on my list if I ever get to have a daughter.
I’m a female named Stacy. When I receive messages from people who haven’t seen my name printed, nine times out of ten it’s spelled Stacey. My impressions about the spelling: Staci is playful and cute. Stacie is dainty. Stacey is balanced with three letters on each side. Stacy is simple and confident. I prefer Stacy or Stacie. Or, Stasi if shortened from Anastasia to create an exact match within the longer name. Other impressions: In movies, Stacy is often used for a mean, rich girl. In books, Stacy is often used for a creative character who’s brave, individualistic, articulate, and artistic. In songs, Stacy is often used for a femme fatale, one who isn’t old but is usually older than the main subject. The name seems to work well in lyrics. Maybe because it’s kind of fun to say. The most recent song (I think) is “Stacy” by Quinn XCII. In the song, Stacy is an emotionally detached girl, a senior in high school who’s with a freshman boy. They’re together on her terms. Overall, I’m happy with my name. I like it even better for a boy. Since not as many people use it now, it can come across as dated, which is sad for a name with such a cute little sparkle.
This name is so much better than Anastasia! I think it’s cute and beautiful.
This is GENERALLY how I spell my TWIN SISTER'S name. I think it looks SO much better without the tacky "e". I DISAGREE with ALL of the comments that think that the spelling "STACEY" is better. The "e" does NOT need to exist in this name.Also, STACI looks just as good as THIS spelling WITHOUT the "e".
Looks weird without the “e”.
Stereotypical cheerleader name.
Read through comments. I understand the history and all that. I just wanted to give my input on Americans using male names on girls (I’m from USA). Take this with a grain of salt, remember I’m just one person.
I believe this is done because for one we have that freedom and push for individuality... but more subconsciously I think we want girls to have strong names for equality. Females can wear pants, be a boss, etc. And have equal names.
I get this is highly unfair to little boys at the moment... I only looked into this recently as I now fear my baby will always have their gender questioned :(
However, I’ve come to accept this and actually think it’s the beginning of the way gender standards are erasing. In due time I think boys will be able to take on girl names and no one blink an eye (seriously I do believe this even if it’s a long ways away, everything is a shock at first but I think it will start with reintroducing traditionally males name again like Ashley, Courtney, and such)... just as it’s becoming more acceptable for men to be stay at home dad’s, nurses, (stereotypical female jobs).
Sucks for the little boys right now but as long as they are loved and have confidence...I think they will be alright :) and kids don’t pass judgment, it’s UP TO THE PARENTS to not make comments like “uh... that’s a boy/girl name”. My husband is a teacher and has two teenage male Ashley’s and zero females...and they have no complex.
For some reason, I like names that have an e before the y. Therefore, I like Stacey much better.
Ugly name, sounds like ecstasy.
This is the name of literally every single nurse I've ever met.
I've never particularly liked the name Stacy for a girl, but not for the usual reasons stated here. To me, even as a child, the name Stacy sounded boring. Stacy: staid, predictable, unchanging, unimaginative = Stasis. Stacy, thy name is beige.
In 2018, 39 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Stacy who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 340th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 42 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Stacy who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 401st most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Stacey comes from Irish Gaelic for "Resurrection."
Ugh. Makes the lovely Anastasia look so commonplace.
Stacy Keibler, American model, actress, dancer and former WWF/WWE diva.
Miss Stacy is the name of one of Anne's teachers in Anne of Green Gables.
I find it hard to understand why there is even a debate about this. Stacey has been a man’s name for hundreds of years. I am an Englishman born in 1951 and it is my middle name. It was my father’s name, and is my son’s. My uncle was Leslie. Why people (mostly in the US) give their daughters men’s names, perhaps with a minor spelling change, and then claim them as girls’ names is a complete mystery to me. They don’t give their sons female names. Many male names have been hi-jacked in this way. I know men of my age with the traditional male names Lyn, Vivian, Hilary, Shannon, Lyndsey, Leslie, Marion and Tracey who are as mystified as me when they see their names given to girls. Andrea and Nicola are also men’s names - albeit from Italy. I do also know more than one Irishman called Mary, but that is clearly a woman’s name given to boy babies for religious reasons. And don’t get me started on people calling their daughters Jameson, Madison etc. Haven’t they noticed that the suffix “-son” is pretty obviously gender-specific?
I agree with the British gentleman who laments the use of masculine names in the USA for girls. To his list I can add Connie and Laurie (remember Laurie the neighbor friend in Little Women? Short for Lawrence). When I was born in 1955 the names Leslie, Lindsay, Tracy and Stacy had already been appropriated so they sounded normal for girls to me, although these names have never been my favorites. What I really dislike are the now-feminine names ending in "son". Jameson, Madison, Addison, etc. Really! That people can't figure this one out is astounding. I like how in Iceland female names end in dóttir (daughter), however such names are surnames only. That'll probably catch on as a trend over here in the US. First name: Stacysdóttir. Lol!
And I forgot to mention that I know a man called Carol. A man’s name since it was first coined centuries ago. The female version is Caroline. Then came the made-up girl’s name “Carole”. Now you see it used for girls extensively without the feminising final “e”. Another man’s name hi-jacked. And why do people worry about boys being teased for having male names now wrongly used for girls, but not about their daughters being teased for having a man’s name? Is there some prejudice about gender superiority at work? If so, it is unacceptable.
Stacy Martin is a French-British actress.
I wish my twin-sister was given this spelling of the name.
My birth name is Anastasia, and I changed my name to Stacy- that's how dope the name is to me. It's not a common name, Stacy. It's a beautiful name.
I really don't like Eustace at all, it's just ugly in my opinion. I do like Anastasia and the association with Anastasia Romanov. Stacy is a nice nickname, I just don't think the spelling with the C fits Anastasia, so I would call her Stasia or Stasy. Stacy is okay though.
Pretty name, you never hear it being used anymore.
The name Stacy was given to 205 girls born in the US in 2015.
Stacey looks made up. Stacy looks real.
Stace is better for boys named Eustace (good boy name right there, don't use Stacey or Stacy.
The male version is Stacy. If I see my name spelled Stacey or Stacie one more time lol I am going to crack. Oh and don't even not know me and send me a letter that says mrs in front of it. Anastasia is a good girls name and Stacy is a good boys name.
I know some people with the name. It's a form of Anastasia as well. I personally think it's a horrible diminutive of Anastasia. I dislike it's sound. I would never name my child or myself Stacy. It also sounds too girly and childish to my ears.
Favorite spelling right here. Not sure I would use it though just because of how dated it is.
Stacy is the first name of the male antagonist in the 2005 movie "Down and Derby".
Stacy Hinojosa (sorry if I spelt it wrong), or StacyPlays is a famous American Minecraft Youtuber.
I love the name Stacy- it's so cute! I love the imagery I get when I think of the name- this sweet little girl who wears yellows and pinks. It's perfect and I don't think this name is too immature. I feel this name is lovable. It even boosted on my list ever since I stopped caring about people's input because Stacy is so cute, and honestly, if you love Stacy then use it! Why should you care about someone else's opinion whose names you would never use yourself? If you love the name then use it because that's your baby at the end of the day, so other people's opinion shouldn't matter.
I love this name it's so pretty and cute and AMAZING for a girl! ^^ I LOVE the nickname Stace. ;D Yes, Barbie does have a sister with this name but that doesn't matter as I doubt many people even know that. Also, her sister's name is actually spelt "Stacie".
This is an awesome name... I hate when people put an e in it... that's not how you spell my name. My MaMa always calls me Stacen instead of Stace, I hate being called Stace for short, my name is only 5 letters long it doesn't need to be shortened!
I have this name too (I hate it) and to clarify about the "resurrection" thing, Stacy can be derived from Anastasia which is the feminine form of Anastasius which does indeed mean. "resurrection" I hope this helped clarify-source this site.
Trashy and dated, as is Tracy.
I genuinely feel sorry for men who carry this name... :D.
I think Stacey and Tracey are girl only names.
I think this name is okay, I would never use it as a given name. I would use it as a nickname for Anastasia or something.
It was the name of one of the babysitters in Babysitter's Club.
Actually, the member from Babysitters Club spelled it Stacey.Anyway, this is a cute name for a little girl or a teenager.
Very 1980 trashy. Hate it.
This is my name & I registered on here just to respond to peoples comments on the name Stacy. I hope this goes in the right comment spot. Anyway, I agree It drives me crazy when people put an e in my name. So unnecessary. Also I only met one other Stacy growing up. Also to the person who wrote it was trashy, you're rude. Keep your negative/judgmental comments to yourself please. I also have read it means resurrection which to me is kinda cool.
I don't really care for this name. It's rather dated, and it sounds like the name of a cheerleader. I prefer it as a nickname for Anastasia.
Stacy Keach (famous actor) is the only man I know of with this name.
Stacy Peralta is a director, actor, writer and one of the original boys of Dogtown skateboarders.
I can't imagine this name on males anymore. It sounds very much like the name of a high school girl or some younger girl. Having watched Daria for several years from age 12 to my late teens, the character Stacy probably shaped my views quite a lot. The name has that girly -ee sound at the end, which makes it sound quite youthful for an adult. The fact that this was the name of a Barbie doll on the Simpsons, and that Stacy on Daria was a cute and popular ''Fashion Club'' member has given me the impression of a cute girl under the age of 20.
It's the name of lead singer and guitarist of the band American Hi-Fi.
I think Stacy would suit both a boy and a girl. I like this name and I also prefer this spelling to Staci, Stacie, and the traditional one, Stacey.
This name is the best name in the whole entire world! Why would anyone hate it? I rate it 10000000000000000000000! Don't you dare spell it Stacey, or Stacie though.
Stacy is the best name in the world. How could anyone not like it! They're just crazy I guess. It's very beautiful, and is used on a beautiful girl, not an ugly boy.
The name Stacy is actually a boys name and is not English; it's Medieval.
Wow a very strange name.
Stacy for a girl appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1950's. Its most popular year was the 1970's where it ranked 38.
Stacy for a boy appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1890's. It came back on the top 1000 list from the 1940's to the 1980's. Its most popular year was the 1970's where it ranked 270.
I believe one of Barbie's younger sisters was named Stacy.
Stacy is a pretty name, not an over used name which is nice.
It's so nice!
Just a horrible name!
My name is Stacy, I HATE it when people spell my name Stacey (I have 100's of certificates from school with the spelling with an e and I don't like it!). I like the spelling I have and also Stacie. When I talk to people, I don't know if it's because of how I say it STAYSEE, I often get mistaken for Daisy! I have grown to like my name and prefer this way of spelling!
My name is Stacy and I think it's an alright name for a girl. No one I went to school with had the name Stacy, so that made me feel special. Also the traditional spelling is with an 'e', so it's different again. I rarely get called Stacy, I'm just known as Stace.
There is a famous song Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne.
A famous bearer is Black Eyed Peas singer, Stacy Ferguson, known as Fergie.

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