I just wanted to add that the En-US use of the Italian given name of "Stanislao" (stah-nees-LAH-oh) is also "Stanley" or "Stan".
Stanislao Lista (Salerno, December 8, 1824 – 1908) was an Italian sculptor active in Naples. Stanislao Lista carved one of the four lions in marble in Piazza dei Martiri, Napoli. The lion, hit by a sword, is dedicated to the Carbonari soldiers, who died in the wars of 1820.
Stanislao Cannizzaro FRS (13 July 1826 – 10 May 1910) was an Italian chemist. He is famous for the Cannizzaro reaction and for his influential role in the atomic-weight deliberations of the Karlsruhe Congress in 1860. In 1871, Cannizzaro's scientific eminence secured him admission to the Italian senate, of which he was vice-president, and as a member of the Council of Public Instruction and in other ways he rendered important services to the cause of scientific education in Italy.

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