In Russia, Stasya is a more common diminutive for Stanislava than for Anastasiya. The usual diminutive of Anastasiya is Nastya. [noted -ed]
My daughter is Anastasia (Anastasiya), nickname Stasya. We are a bilingual Russian-English family.
The name Stasya is pronounced /STAH-sya/, or sometimes /STAH-zya/, but NOT /STAY-sha/.
It has the same pronunciation pattern as Nadya, Katya, and Yulya.

Stacia/Stasia can be /STAY-sha/ or /STAH-sha/, as well as /STAH-sya/, /STAH-see-ya/, and /stah-SEE-ya/.
This is a great and beautiful name :) It's my sisters name ;) It is pronounced: Sta-sha.
My sister named her first daughter Staysha. (very close to Stasya) I didn't like it at all at first. It's grown on me a lot and now I love it.

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