I bear the double "E" model but it has been socially pronounced as this model because of it being spelled with a "ph" and for this reason I have seen my first formal spelled this way. I have tried to promote the conservative anachronism of it but I've discovered being wrong in doing so. This text key model should be enforced:
STEPHAN: "STeF-en(STeh-Fahn" or "STEEV-en"
STEFAN: STeF-en(STeh-Fahn".
Much better than Stephen in my opinion.
It's also used in English as a variant of Stephen.
Stephan Douglas Jenkins is the Lead singer of Alternative Rock group THIRD EYE BLIND who has done the smash hit "Semi-Charmed kind of Life" He is NOT using the spelling in "STEF-en" or "STuhFahn" but using it as "STEEV-en" just like "STEEV-en with a ph" -Stephen- I guess we're just trying to say we don't want to use "Seven with a T" anymore! Maybe "Steff" is just for the Ladies.
The name Stephan was given to 141 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Stephan (1319-1375) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and his wife Beatrix.
Stephan (1385-1459) was the son of King Rupert of Germany and his wife Elisabeth.
This name derives from the Greek word: ΣΤΕΦΑΝΟΣ= crown, coronary (in German: kranz).
One of Ash Ketchum's rivals in Pokémon: Black and White is named Stephan. A running gag in the series is that his name is constantly pronounced wrong (STEEV-ən instead of SHTE-fahn).
Stephan the Great who ruled Moldavia (present part of East Romania) between 1457-1504, was a great ruler that won 44 churches and monasteries for every battle. He lost only 2 battles in all his great life.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Stephan here:
I knew a boy with this name (he was from Germany). He pronounced it as STEF-fahn.

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