People think that this name sounds handsome and cool, this is hideous, nobody uses this name.
People with this name are always very nice. They're very smart and helpful. Uncommon name and very beautiful.
Captain America. One of the world's mightiest heroes. It represents bravery and loyalty. Fear nothing.
I hate this name so much, I can't stand it. It's boring, plain, so tacky and an old man name! Yawnnnn.
Not bad but generic and a bit dated.
Boring as hell.
Dull name.
Steven Blum, voice actor.
Simply, just a boring name!
I think of Steven Hyde from That 70s Show.
In my opinion this name should be pronounced stee-vun, and Stephen should be pronounced stehf-un.
Incorrect spelling.
Stephen Is Better.
It’s nice, but I don’t think I’d ever use it.
A nice-sounding name, but just way too common for my taste.
Steven is derived from Greek as “Stephanos” meaning a crown, a garland. The name is borne in the Bible by St Stephen, one of the seven chosen to assist the apostles, and the first Christian martyr.
I wonder why this name is rated 86% modern. It was the name of a couple of English kings, and it's been around since the Middle Ages.
In 2018, 54 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Steven who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 22nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like the name Steven, as well as the TV show Steven Universe, which has really good animation and good characters and an interesting plot, only blocked by the filler episodes that stop the story from going on. Steven I think is timeless as I can imagine a young kid, a middle-aged man or a grandfather. I can’t say if I like Steven or Stephen, I like Steven because it makes more sense to spell it that way with how the name is pronounced. At the same time, Stephen is just a bit more timeless and rare, but it creates the chance to pronounce it STEF-in, as in Stephen Curry. So while I like both, I think I would use Steven.
Steven Ho is a Chinese American martial artist, stunt coordinator, stuntman, and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Known as one of the first martial arts tricksters in open martial art competitions and early pioneers of non-traditional forms, Ho helped to popularize the 540 kick and the Hawkeye Kick in the mid-eighties. Many consider Ho's influence, particularly his 540 kick, to be the beginning of the tricking movement.
Steven Raymond Christian is a political figure and convicted criminal from the Pitcairn Islands. Christian was the Mayor of the Pitcairn Islands, a British dependency in the Pacific Ocean, from 7 December 1999 to 30 October 2004.
This was my favourite male name for many years. It isn't any more, but I still really like it. Stephen seems a little more classic, perhaps. I like Steve, either way. I associate Steven with Steven Gerrard, and Stephen with Stephen King. I have known so many guys with this name, and it does sound slightly dated nowadays, but still more on the classic side, and very handsome.
Eh-hmmmm Anybody remember Steve Martin? Comedian extraordinaire.
Steven Howard "Steve" Antin is an American actor, stunt man, screenwriter, producer, and director, probably most known for his performance in The Last American Virgin.
Steven Yeun, a Korean-American actor, who is well-known for his portrayal of Glenn Rhee on AMC's The Walking Dead.
Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers aka Captain America of Marvel Comics and adaptations. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe he is portrayed by Chris Evans.
Another nickname for Steven is StevO.
I know a few Steven's and Steve's, it's common but I like how it's not overused either. This name should make a comeback, I wish it would be as common as Michael or Daniel.
I am a Steven born in 1952 and through grade school there were always 3 Steven's in my class each year. To keep them apart one was called Steven, one was called Steve, and one was called Stevie--which I always escaped. In the neighborhood where I grew up we had 6 kids named Steve which immediately presented a problem which was solved with us all getting nicknames (mine was Cheech which was short for Chi Chi) and nobody was left to be called Steve. But back then nearly every kid had a nickname. I've had people use a number of variations on my name over the years--Steve-o, Stever, Steverino, Stefan, Stefano. Now I'm an old man and Steve has never seemed like an old man's name to me.
I still don't know why Steve or Steven was such a popular name in the 1950s in America.
If this name is derived from the "STEPHEN" spelling it should have the same fate as such! It should take if mine as a screwed up secondary pronunciation it too should sound like the "Seven" it is or Kevin! Otherwise, if its first E is long like mine!
Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.
Steven Universe is an American animated TV series.
Steven is a great name! It's common, but it's a brilliant classic. Plus it's very handsome sounding and masculine. :)
The name means "crowned with a garland".
Stephen of Blois-Champagne was king of England 1135-1154. He usurped the inheritance of his cousin the Empress Matilda. The ensuing civil war launched by Matilda ended with the compromise that Stephen would finish out his life as king then be succeeded by Matilda's son, Henry II who married Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Steven Tyler, lead vocalist and frontman of the legendary rockband, Aerosmith.
In Roman Britannia the name originated as "Stephaenus". When The Empire laid in shambles the Danish (Angles) & Saxons invaded. They beared with them two pronunciations for all thing relating to the letter F one is "eff" and the other "fee" said like "vee". "PH" was noted as two letter/one character. Lead "PH" was said like "Fee" whilst in flow "ph" was said like "vee". The letter "V" a Waw in the Roman dominated world was used much like a "W" or a "U". As Britannia was oriented with Celts, Vikings, & Latins and so on two names came from the Old "Stephaenus". Stephan and some time later also spelled Stephen. The PHI was voiced thus the "Vee" was born. This pronunciation was then in transition to the character "V" altering the Roman Waw. The spelling "Stephen" became more popular in Medieval England usage than "Stephan". The Renaissance period brought the Great Vowel Shift and hence the phonetic spelling "STEVEN" was made.
Steven Taylor was a companion of the First Doctor (Doctor Who).
It's such a great name. Strong and suitable for all ages, and a name that is certainly never going to go to the girls. I have a feeling Steven will return to the top 100 in a few years.
This name is also used in The Netherlands (and has been well before 1880), where it is an independent Dutch variant form of Stephanus - meaning, it is not an imported English name here. Although I am sure many people do think that it is an imported English name, because the name was rare before World War II. It was only after World War II (due to increased influence of English-speaking countries on Dutch mainstream culture) that the name began to get more exposure, especially since the mid-'60s. The name was at its most popular during 1980 and 1994 (with 342 births in 1991 being the highest number), after which the name slowly began to decline in popularity. There were only 57 little Stevens born in 2011.A good example of the name being an old and independent Dutch name can be found in the name of the Dutch village Stevensweert, which literally means "Steven's weerd". Weerd is an archaic Dutch term for a flat area of land that is completely surrounded by rivers and lakes, which is the case with the village Stevensweert. The village's parish is said to have existed for 800 years already (since the 13th century, during which time the village's name was also spelled Steffesweert, Steffeswert, Stevensweerd, etc.), so there you have proof that the name Steven has been around in The Netherlands for quite a while already.Finally, the Dutch pronunciation of Steven is: STAY-vən. [noted -ed]
I've actually never met anyone with this name; everyone I know is a Stephen. I like Steven better.
I like this name, it's very laid back and soft to pronounce.
It's a nice name, but too common, and for me immediately brings to mind the hideous singer Steven Tyler.
Not too common, which is nice.
It's an anagram of events.
I know only one Steven, my cousin. The name fits him so well. It's perfectly masculine, strong, and handsome. However, I'm not to fond of the spelling Stephen, for some reason.
Steven Hyde, the nonconformist stoner on That '70s Show.
In the New Testament, in the book of Acts, the congregation agreed to choose men who were wise, of good reputation and full of the Holy Spirit to serve. The first one chosen for the job was a man named Steven, who the bible describes as a man full of faith, grace, power and the Holy Spirit. He performed great wonders and signs among the people. Noted in chapter 6 of the book of Acts. He is also known as the first martyr of Christianity (Acts 7:54-60).
Based on the amount of people who've rated this name I can only assume that many who frequent this site are either named Steven, married to a Steven, or have a relative named Steven. It's a nice name and one that I think will make a comeback eventually.
This name is okay. I've only met one Steven and he was a very energictic kid. That's the connection I make when I hear it; a earnest boy who wants to please. I think it ages well, unlike some names like Chip.
Steven Paul Smith was the birth name of musician Elliott Smith.
I like this name, and I don't like it when people spell it with a PH instead of a V. It just looks better with a V. Anyhow, I think this name is strong-sounding, and it could do with or without the nickname of Steve.
There is something about the sound of this name I have never liked. I think it is the long e sound. At any rate, I associate this name with a nerdy guy because I have known two Stevens who were very geeky and one who was borderline geeky. I know not all Stevens are geeky, it is just an association I can't help making. If one must use this name, I prefer the spelling Stephen.
Steven was most popular about 50 years ago which makes it very out of style right now and boring. I prefer the Stephen spelling because it is more classic.
Steven Stone is the Champion in the Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire video games.
There is an author named Steven Martini.
Steven Curtis Chapman is a Christian music artist.
Steven Gerrard is England's center midfielder and captain of Liverpool.
I know too many guys with this name. It isn't a bad name and I do prefer this spelling the best. For me it is overused. I have also seen the spelling Stevin.
Famous bearer: Steven George Gerrard (born 30 May 1980), England and Liverpool midfield football player, hotly tipped to become England captain following the retirement of David Beckham.
I like this name a lot - mostly because it's my first name. It is not so unusual that it gets butchered all the time (like my last name) and yet there are not too many other Stevens that I know. It can sound very formal or be shortened to "Steve" for a more relaxed sound.
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
Steven Bays is the lead singer of the band Hot Hot Heat.
The name originated in Scotland. The meaning of the word was "King of kings." A possible reason why royalty was named Steven.
Steven is derived from the Greek name "Stephanio" meaning "crowned one" referring to a temporary crown, not a "diadem" or an "eternal crown".
Steven Morrissey, lead singer of English indie band the Smiths (disbanded in 1987) and solo artist; goes by "Morrissey".

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