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Stoyan Yankoulov is a Bulgarian drummer.
saeglopur  6/8/2013
It has nothing to do with "to stand up for yourself, to stand tall in the face of troubled times". It doesn't mean "to stand", it means "to stay". In Bulgaria the name was given for a particular reason - if a family had lost children at birth, this name was given to their child to protect it, meaning that he should stay. For the same reason were given names such as Nayden ("found"), Nedrag ("not loved, not ours"), etc.
Borisslav  2/16/2011
Stoyan is the name of the main male character in Juliet Marillier's novel Cybele's Secret.
happiness.isfree  11/16/2008
Also Serbian but the spelling is Stojan.
mssdm  4/30/2008
This is my name and it is pronounced stoy-yihn.

I'm not sure if that's understandable. Basically, the sound 'stoy' followed by the sound 'in' but instead of in, put a y in front of it to create 'yin'.

It's somewhat weird, because I'm not sure which syllable gets the stress. Oddly enough, I think both syllables get stress maybe. This may be probable because it's a foreign language. If it's only one syllable that get's the stress, then I think it's the first one.

Thanks! I hope to see the pronunciation for my name on here. :)
noalei  7/3/2007
It doesn't only mean "to stand" but to stand up for yourself, to stand tall in the face of troubled times!
Dache  2/12/2007
Also transliterated as Stoian.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2006

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