Gender Masculine
Usage Arabic
Scripts سعود(Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. soo-‘OOD  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Means "fortune, good luck" in Arabic, a plural form of Sa'd. This name is traditionally transcribed as Saud. It was the name of the ancestor of the Saud dynasty, the ruling family of Saudi Arabia.

Related Names

VariantsSaeed, Sa'id, Saud
Feminine FormsSa'ida, Su'ad, Suad(Arabic) Souad(Arabic (Maghrebi))
Other Languages & CulturesSuad(Albanian) Səid(Azerbaijani) Sead, Sejad, Suad(Bosnian) Saeed(Dhivehi) Saeed, Saeid(Persian) Sait(Turkish) Saeed(Urdu) Seydou(Western African)
Surname DescendantsAl Saud, Al Su'ud(Arabic)
Place Name DescendantsSaudiyyah, Su'udiyyah(Arabic)


Entry added December 7, 2022