Although I like the name Susan and other variants, I dislike the name Sue. The brevity and the association with the legal term make it fairly unattractive. It's not vile or laughable, just quite dull. My aunt was named Sue and she was a great person (and changed her name to Sue on purpose) but I have never met another Sue with her vibrancy.
Other than the meaning of the real word, it's not that bad.
Hm. I prefer the spelling Sioux. Sue is kinda boring to me now.
I love it when it's used as a middle name or in a double name, or as a nickname.
Probably one of the most boring names. Like really, there is no strong sound or anything like that. Just, well, just boring.
I disagree DeeDeeRee! It sounds strong and bold, but soft, and pretty at the same time. I agree with Inxpect.
I think it’s cute.
I love short names because I find them sweet and I don’t mind it being old-fashioned.
Sue is the name of the orange ghost from Ms. Pac-Man, replacing Clyde from the original Pac-Man. She is recolored purple in her later appearances as to not confuse her with Clyde.
Sue is the name of the most famous Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the world, which resides at the Chicago Field Museum. Mention should also go to Sue Hendrickson, the palaeontologist who discovered the dinosaur’s fossilised bones, and who the T.Rex was named after.
Horrible as a real name.
Very boring and it doesn’t sound very pretty.
Too minimalist for me, and it does seem like a filler name. And there's "Mary Sue"...
I can't stand this name. It's always made me think of the word "sewer."
I think it's cute for a girl. (in a good way!) and okay for a boy too.
Sue is also a Japanese name that was common in the late Edo period.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Sue* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 438th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

*as a first name, not a nickname.
Who’s getting sued?
Short, boring and old fashioned.
Life ain't easy for a boy named Sue. (I had to).
All I think about is Mary Sue when I hear this name.
Sue Longhurst is an English actress, most famous for appearing in several X-rated sex comedies in the 1970s.
My name is Sou, how do you do? Now you gonna die!

Relax, that's from a classic song by Johnny Cash called, "A boy named Sue."
It's a great song, listen to it! So my name is pronounced the same, just spelled differently. I love this name, be proud of what ever name your parents named you. I'm a 30 year old man now and the name Sou isn't very manly but who cares! It's how you live your life that will make your name mean something.

By the way, I grew up getting cool nicknames like Souper Man, Sushi, Tsunami!
I really don't like this name. To me, Sue is a very plain, ugly and dated name. I feel sorry for my youngest cousin who got stuck with this name. It was her middle name but still and she got it changed a few years ago. Good for her.
Susan, Susannah, Suzanna, Suzanne and even Suellen are far better.
This name is too short for me, and the fact how it's another term for a lawsuit totally puts me off of this name.
Sue is just too short of a name for my liking. I prefer Suzanne or Suzanna.
The name Sue was given to 13 girls born in the US in 2015.
My mum is called Sue and it is very fitting, she is my favourite person in the whole world and personally it's one of my favourite names.
The pronunciation of this name is silly.
Sue Heck is a character on ABC Family's comedy The Middle.
So what if it is a word used to file a lawsuit? People use the nickname Rob for Robert all the time and that means to take away.
I ❤ how short, easy and quick it is to say Sue (which makes it more practical than say, Alexandria or Arabella). I like it more as a first name because as a first name, it's quite underused.

The "Mary Sue" and the verb "Sue" aren't very nice associations, HOWEVER, the meaning "Lily" is lovely! ^^ So lovely in fact, it makes me think: Are those reasons really good enough to hate this name? Of course not! ಠ_ಠ

Sue- a filler name? How do you know the person isn't naming their child after a family member (which would hold great, dear importance to them) and/or doesn't simply adore names like Sue, Rose, Grace etc.? Long story short: Who are you to judge people without knowing them?

Overall, Sue is an AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL name! :D.
Whoa, dude, take it easy there. No one judged anybody. They simply said that it sounds like a filler name to them--and it does to me, too. "Sue" by itself doesn't do much for me. Actually, I suppose I'm not really a huge fan of very many monosyllabic names. To me this would be a nickname for Suzanne, Susanna, Suzette, or Susan (I like Suzette & Susanna the most.) "Typical" middle/filler names such as Grace and Marie are pretty so-so in my view as well; they just leave me a bit cold. It seemed as if every other girl in my class had one of those for a middle name, heheh.

All that said, Sue isn't BAD by any means. It's a good nickname (or given name if you like it enough), and lets you sing "Sweet Sue" or "Suzy Q" to the person! ^w^
First of all, I'm a girl so don't call me "dude". Anyway, I know no-one (at the moment) on this comment section specifically called Sue as a filler name but I just wanted to address this as it's a typical, common reason why some people dislike the use of this name as a middle name. When I said not to judge people, I was speaking to those who do think this is a filler name in their heads but haven't commented on here. Though I think I agree with you saying "take it easy"; I think I can get a little too... hyper when expressing my enthusiasm, hehe. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ.
Susan "Sue" Barker, English TV presenter and former professional tennis player.
To me, Sue is a "filler" name. It's just there and doesn't really add anything to the overall impression of the person's full name.
Last update: My bad! One user called GibsonGirl did call Sue a filler name on this comment section- guess I forgot and missed that comment! Anyway, my point still stands that I don't like how some call this a filler name. Oh well, everyone has their own opinions. I personally adore this pretty name. ^_^
I'm 13 and this is my middle name. I hate it. It sounds country and ugly. I like my first name, but hate my middle name with a passion.

I was named after both my grandmothers (they were both named Sue) and my mom's middle name though, so the only good thing I can find about it is that it's a family name, and it's always cool to honor people.

Other than that I hate it and I'm embarrassed by it.
Awww you guys are mean! This name is cute!
Sue Sylvester from Glee. She is freaking awesome. Nuff said.
Sue is a middle aged sort of name, and not many young people have it.
Reminds me of Mary Sues and suing someone. Ugh.
When you file a lawsuit, you sue. Ridiculous as a name, isn't it?
This name is too minimalist for my taste, and I much prefer Susanna, not so much Susan. This was the name of the super-awesome editor of the teletext service Spit It Out on MTV Europe and other European MTV teletext pages back in the day. She once write that the spelling of her name had a twist, so it must have been short for something like Suezan (just guessing).
This name is too common, and it makes me think of a bus-driver.
Makes me think of "Mary Sue".
There was a male attorney named Sue K. Hicks, named after his mother who died in childbirth. Shel Silverstein wrote a poem called "A Boy Named Sue," and Johnny Cash performed it. I am not saying this should be used as a boy's name.
Sue is most often an abbreviated form of Susan.
Sue is also the English spelling of the Hmong name Xws (yes that is the correct spelling) and it means "girly".
Too common. No.
Has also been a male name at times. I say it is a male name too.
No, it's not a male name. That's the whole point of "A Boy Named Sue".
There is an author named Sue Grafton.
Sue Ellen Ewing was a character on the '80's show "Dallas." She was portrayed by Linda Gray.
My middle name is Sue - how boring can you get? How many other females in the mid-70's have the middle name Sue? Only about a billion!
Sue is also a Japanese name, with the average approximate translation being 'season', 'seasonal'. Different pronunciation, of course. The name of my cousin is Sueka - written with the kanji for 'Seasonal bell'. Very unusual, but I think very pretty ^_^ A more typical kanji for Sueka would be that for 'seasonal bloom'.
Ugly name!
This is also a shortened form of the infamous literary plot device called "Mary-Sue". A Mary Sue is the character who appears out of nowhere, but instantly fits in with the characters already existing and has "special" powers.
Johnny Cash sang a song called "A Boy Named Sue."
This was the surname of French writer Eugene Sue, who wrote The Mysteries of Paris.
Famous bearer is actress Sue Lyon.

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