Sunflowers, warm days and fresh sea air.
Oh how I adore nature names! Summertime evokes the smell of honeysuckle, fruit and fresh grass. Summertime colors are fuchsia, gold, luscious green, sunflower yellow and clear blue. A girl called Summer has wavy hair, bare feet, warm cheeks and a big floppy flower tucked behind one ear.
Summer Bishil is an American actress of Mexican and Indian descent. She first came to prominence starring as Jasira in the 2007 film Towelhead, for which she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. She is best known for her role as Margo Hanson on the Syfy fantasy drama series The Magicians, in which she starred from 2015 to 2020.
Summer Rose is a character in the anime inspired webseries RWBY. She is Ruby's mother and Yang's stepmother.
I like this name, I love the combo Summer Lily.
Great, I love it! It's so pretty and warm, and I actually knew someone with this name.
Beautiful name, but I can only imagine a very snobby teenage girl being called Summer. It sort of fits into the same category with names like Maddie and Jennifer. I used to have Summer on my PNL, actually.
Delightful, unpretentious and radiant :)!
Lovely sweet name!
When I think of the name Summer, I imagine a blond, fair-skinned girl with black glasses and usually wears gray crop-tops, ripped jeans, and black boots. She's happy, funny, and very kind. I love this name!
It's crazy how popular season names have gotten EXCEPT for Spring.
It's a nice name. I've known 2 Summers. One woman and one man.
I absolutely love this name!Reminds me of a perfect, joyful Summer's day on a picnic.A Summer would be kind, joyful, and have a strong personality.
Nature names are my favourite because they are usually humble, universal and honour earth.
Silly, yet sweet name.
Summer Walker is an American R&B singer. Her biggest hit in the U.S. is "Playing Games," which peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019.
Lovely name.
Sunny, sweet name, but nothing much amazing about it! Actually it's quite boring, not much elegance either.
Summer is my favourite season, it’s when I can have a break (I deserve one at the moment, especially when I’m sitting on my arse watching the Jeremy Kyle show on YouTube since it stopped being on tv) this is my favourite season name, it brings happy memories of my family and friends.
I used to hate this name but now I think it's adorable!
If this name was a flower it would be a Sunflower. If it was a colour it would be sky blue.
A lovely name.
Summer is a season not a name.
Please excuse my rude comment. Summer is a great name. In fact, ALL names are great in my opinion. I think it's wrong to hate on names because you never know how someone feels about your name. Be proud of your name, because your parents obviously love your name. Otherwise, they wouldn't have given it to you.
My name is Summer and I absolutely love my name. I’ve received so many compliments on it throughout my life (of 21 years) and I smile every time. I think my name is very bright and fun. I think it has a beautiful sound behind it and flows very nicely. I’ve met a handful of others who share my name and they all look SO different and unique, so I can’t say I think of someone looking a certain way! But I do have blonde hair and blue eyes and I was born in the Summer :) that would be the most common question is get on it. “Were you born in the Summer?” I laugh every time. I did grow up with classmates calling me Fall or winter, but I never ever took it as an insult - because it never was, haha!
I think of Summer as a refreshing, rosy girl's name. It's unusual to find a name that's sweet and youthful without it having 3+ syllables or ending in -ia, -ie or -y which is another reason it's appealing to me.
It makes me think of blue skies, big colourful flowers and hope.
All the Summers I know don’t have blonde hair or blue eyes, they have dark brown hair or black hair with blue eyes or hazel eyes.
I’d never use this name because names like Autumn, Summer, & Winter are just weird, but it does remind me of Summer.
I wouldn’t really use this as a first name, but it is a nice name. Especially if you born during the Summer time.
I think Summer is a very bright, cheerful sounding name. I've never heard it used as a given first name before, however I have heard it used as a nickname for Samantha. Either way, it's very pretty.
I’d never use it as a first name, but it’s cute!
I love the name Sunny, and I know some really cool Winter's. Autumn is pretty, but doesn't have much substance to me. April is an awesome name, but any other month names don't sound great, except June, which I'm indifferent on and May, which is a good middle name, just a bit bland as a first name. Spring is just weird, and god bless that poor kid named Fall. Summer is growing on me a lot, though, and it just sounds so awesome! If you're looking for a season or weather type name, I'd go with Summer, Sunny, or April. Of course, I guess Sunny could be a nickname for Summer...
“I turned out to have triplets and the due date was in Spring. Two girls and one boy! I had a lot of trouble deciding a name.. but Autumn, Summer, and Winter were our choice because none of them were born in Spring and they were all super pretty names. Everybody is so happy with our choice.”
-Johanna K.My fave name picks I have ever seen online; I did not write it! :)
I have a cousin with this name. The name Summer fits her perfectly. She is not fair, but not extremely tan, with dirty blond hair and green eyes. She is beautiful, and she loves her name. Also, she was born in the Summer and lives in a very hot area, which we find funny. I find this name so bright and cheery, and unique as well.
I'm Summer Kitchen. I love my name! I love my name so much I smile when others realize what a Summer Kitchen is, and I laugh. Summer is an exciting name! I have never met a boring Summer.
Awful name.
Summer is a happy, cheerful name for a girl, and it definitely fits an adult.
I love this name so much I named by male bunny this. I got the idea listening to Game of Thrones on audiobook. I don’t know if I’m spelling it the same as the book and don’t really care because it suits my hilarious little guy so well. He’s white as snow with blue eyes but I was not going to call him Winter.
Summer is a beautiful, graceful name. It has a nice feel to it, as though a girl named Summer would be kind and caring and pretty. Whenever I hear this name, I think of a ballerina with blue eyes and long blonde hair in a white/pale pink/pale blue/yellow tutu, pirouetting and arabesquing around the room. This may, though, be because that is what the main character in 'Summer's Dream' by Cathy Cassidy is like. She also has a twin named Skye (f). These names go really well together.
One of my friends is named Summer, and I love it. I hate when people say, "People named Summer have to be born in Summer, they have blonde hair and green eyes, they've got tan skin, etc." because a name doesn't describe a person. They are who they are, and it's not like they even got a say in their name. Their parents named them, and in my opinion they named well. If you think Summer is a gross/tacky name, what do you think it'd feel to get teased, even disrespected, because of your name that you didn't get to pick? I loved this name even before I met my friend, so you can't say I like it only because I have a friend with that name.
My name is Summer Blood, I know the last name throws off all the cute and innocent sound. I personally like/hate my name. I get bullied but all the boys think it’s okay to call me goth because my name is Summer and I wear a lot, and I mean a lot of black. I don’t really have that bubbly personality, I am more quiet mean and mature but I can get very crazy when I want to be. When people first meet me they always look me up and down and then say you don’t look like a Summer- it's beyond rude. I have bright green eyes dark dark brown hair with a little color in it.
The name Summer has a really nice feel to it.
I don't like Summer that much, I prefer Autumn or Winter, but Summer is okay. Summer has always made me think if a blonde.
Very common name. Winter is much more classy and elegant sounding.
Summer Smith is the older sister of Morty Smith from the Adult Swim television series "Rick and Morty".
My name is Summer. I love my name and I don't have a problem with it. I wasn't born in the Summer, but I think it is beautiful... my family and friends pick and will call me the other seasons when it's not Summer time but it doesn't bother me at all. My nicknames are Summy, Sum Sum, and Sunshine. I love my name.
My name is Summer, and if you're thinking of naming your child Summer, I'd encourage you to rethink your decision. While I have only personally met a handful of Summers, the name has gained in popularity recently. Most of the Summer's I've met are younger than me. This definitely doesn't help its "teenagery" vibe. In my experience, it does also carry the stigma of being a hippy name. I am a bit of a hippy myself, but I feel like my name makes me seem like more of a hippy than I actually am. I have also been teased mercilessly for my name. My least favorite nickname came when high school boys discovered that a certain feminine hygiene product bore the same name I did. More than anything I share the same complaint as all the other Summer's before me. The season jokes are not funny, and the old men who tell them get pissy and accuse you of having no sense of humor when you refuse to fake a chuckle for them when they tell them. That should be reason enough not to do it! If I had a dollar for every time someone laid one of these zingers on me, I'd be no less annoyed!
Top 4 Summer "Jokes"
(upon meeting me) "Do you have a sister named Winter/Autumn/Spring?"
(when I trip) "Don't fall Fall!"
(when it's winter) "Boy, I can't wait for you to get here."
(when it's any season other than Summer) "Summer, but it's winter/spring/autumn".
My name is Summer and I have shoulder length dark brown hair with highlights, my skin is pretty fair, not completely light though. My eyes are Hazel-brown I may not look like how you imagined a person named Summer (most people imagine someone with blonde, red hair and blue eyes) but I do look like a Summer, I was also born in the Summer. The number 1 flaw with this name is everyone asking, "Were you born in the Summer?"/"sumsum (nickname)"/"I'll call you Bummer/Winter/Fall/Spring". Ya, it could just be me lol.
My name is Summer and it is not a valley girl name. I am a tomboy and not preppy at all. I was not even born in Summer, I was born in January. I don't think anything is wrong with the name Summer.
It's okay. Pretty enough, and it makes me picture a teen girl with big sky-blue eyes and sunny blonde hair. But it feels too young for me, like the name of a teen or child rather than an adult. And I'll be honest, I kind of hate Summer as a season, due to the extremely high temperatures (100+ degrees F, 35+ degrees C where I live) and my having a bad problem with pollen allergies. So, as much as I don't want to, I do kind of associate this name with that problematic time of year for me.
My name is Summer. I kind of like it, but every time I look at it it looks less like a name. My nicknames are Sumsum, Winter (because I was born in February and I am super duper pale), and Summer the Bummer or Summer the Plumber. There are two other Summers in my grade and 4 others in my school and lots of others in the other schools in my district. It is so common, like wow. And those "stereotypes" of people with the name Summer, I break every single one of them besides the blonde hair. I was born in winter on a very snowy morning. I am shy and quiet and ranked smartest in my tenth grade class. I am pale, but native American so it doesn't make sense. I am not a "valley girl" or "preppy" or "snooty". So just because someone is named Summer, do not mistake her for being those things because a name is a name.
Summerella (real name Summer Boissiere) is a singer, YouTuber, and Vine star.
My daughter was born last year August 2015 and I named her Summer. I live in South Africa and have never ever heard anyone in my 27 years of age named Summer and I think it's a beautiful name. Each person has their own taste in names and to call a name trashy or hippie is so hypocritical. But yes we are all entitled to our own opinion. As a mother of two children I will most definitely not raise my children to mock other kids based on their name. Summer is not a common name in here in South Africa. But here there are so many diverse cultures and ethnic groups and the names are beautiful. If it was an odd name like paper or water, yes, I'd totally understand. But even in some cultures, people's names have a meaning that could be water or river or whatever so we shouldn't judge. And what relevance does a name have to whether you are an adult or child? So if your name is Sally it's only suited if you're a child? So what, must you then change your name when you're an adult to a more grown up name like Sandra? No! That's just nonsense people come up with. Anyway that's just my personal subjective opinion on the name.
My name is Summer Kaye. I have strawberry blonde hair, fair pale skin, and blue eyes. It totally fits my personality. I have always been bubbly. I hated it as a child, even vowed to change it someday. I was always made fun of by other kids and even teachers. I am an adult now and love my name, especially now that my last name is Moore. I get so many compliments on my name about how it sounds like a movie star. I love my name now and have decided to keep it.
Summer is NOT a tacky name. It will be cool if you call your twins Summer and Sage!
My little sister is named Summer. It fits her personality really well. She's very bubbly. She's also very lucky. If she'd been born on the fourth of July (instead of the third), our parents were going to name her Boom Boom.
Summer is an international top 10 hit by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. It only consists of eight verses.
This name has such a pretty sound to it. I love it!
I love this name, personally. It sounds very girly to me, which I like.
Christina Aguilera recently welcomed a daughter named Summer Rain.
A breath of fresh, green, warm floral mist. Beautiful!
Hmm, I'm not to sure about this name. I don't think it is tacky, just perhaps not the best name to grow up with. I would not name my child this... The word 'Summer' even when it is not a name of a person, doesn't seem like a pretty word to me.
Interestingly, in Arabic there is a word pronounced exactly like Summer (which is written as: ثمر) and it means "fruit".
A lovely underused name! =)
I love the name Summer and the reason why is the word Summer is ancient there was ancient civilization name Sumer and also it's very flexible since it's a highly used word so many people in different cultures can say your daughter's name. Also it's very whimsical like I can imagine an artist or someone very creative with this name. Also, you can say she will never be forgotten and I can come up with a bunch of middle names that go will with this name. Summer Rain, Summer Joy, Summer Victoria (means victorious Summer) Summer Lydia, Summer Veronica (means true image of Summer, Summer Marie (Rebellious Summer if you worry she won't fit into the regular idea of Summer), Summer Esme (beloved Summer), Summer Amour (Summer love), Summer Katia (Pure Summer), Summer Zoe (Summer of life) and finally a really good one Summer Eden meaning Summer of paradise. See this is at the top of my head you guys can come up with better things than I can and I know it also when I personally think of Summer the first thing that comes up to my mind is jean Summer from xmen so it don't have to be a valley girl you can be a complete nerd and love it.
My name is Summer and I was born in 1994, my mom said she thought of the name because she liked it, and I think it suits me and my personality pretty well. I've never met another Summer before except for my friends' little 5 year old girl, whom she named after me. Also, I live in a small town and in my graduation class of 278 students, I was the only one with my name, and the only Summer in the school.
I love my name, and I am so grateful to have it, but there is just one thing that needs to be addressed... I personally guarantee that girls named "Summer" (or any season for that matter) have heard every. Single. Joke. Ever. Made. About their name, and I promise you that your "witty zinger" is probably about the 1000th time they've heard it... Other than that, love my name! =)
'Summer' is happy and simple. It's a sweet name, but very common and there's a bit of pressure with this name. I mean, if you're not happy 24/7 people will suggest you name your name to... August.
My name is Summer. Summer Roberts actually just like the character in "The O.C.". I hated my name when I was a kid, because children are mean and say things like "Summer-bummer" but as an adult, I love it. I get compliments on it all the time. It makes me feel unique to not have a name like sarah or Laurie. No offense against those names, but I love my weird hippy-dippy name :)
WWE's Summer Rae is another famous bearer.
My name is Summer and I would like to give my opinion on it. I have never had anyone say anything negative about my name. In fact almost 95% of the time when I introduce myself to someone they compliment me on it and say how beautiful/pretty is. I find that people always remember me and being called Summer makes me feel special. I have no problem with it being a season also, it's just like names like Lily, April, Rose, Willow etc and they are very normal as names and people are used to them. So for all the people saying it is "tacky" I wonder why everyone compliments me on it? It can't be a bad as you are making out and I can tell you it is not. I love being called Summer and it describes me well, friendly, social, bubbly! I have never been taken less seriously because of my name and it's great to have. My nickname is Sum but I only get called that every so often by family, it's mainly just Summer. I love my name and would never change it.
Summer Finn is a character in the movie (500) Days of Summer, portrayed by actress Zooey Deschanel.
While I would never name my child this, it is DEFINITELY the most appealing of season names, even better than Autumn. It has a fresh sound, and I like that. Beautiful name.
One my best friend's name, it's so pretty and feminine, and suits her amazingly well.
Not my favorite name by a long shot. It sounds like a name hippies would use, and it seems overly-cheerful, like the name of a hyperactive, ultra girly blond who can't stay quiet for more than a minute. It would sound funny on a goth or a serious lawyer type, and just plain weird on a masculine lesbian. Not the best choice.
I've always had a soft spot for this name *sigh*. But I would never actually name my own child this. However, if I met a little girl named Summer, I'm sure I would heartily approve of the name choice :) It's cute!
It sounds like an old, dated name. I also agree with others who have said it's tacky. It's a very 70's sounding name for a middle aged women.
I think it's a tacky, classless name. I picture a very annoying valley girl type. I just don't like it at all.
I don't know why. But I love Summer for a boy! I guess it's the "er" at the end and most boys at school I know are all born in Summer (where I live). I'm writing a story and the main character is named Summer and it's a boy. A girl is fine too. But I'm leaning for towards this as a boy's name.
It's very tacky. In England (especially) they'll call you in school 'Summer, bummer' - when people get the chance to tease you, this is what they'll call you! Be careful!
I go back and forward if I like this name. It's pretty, but it is growing too common which I hate in a name.
I don't care for this as a name, but at least it sounds doable. It sounds kind of tacky and trashy, though.
Summer is a beautiful name! I don't know how people can say that it's tacky.
Nicole Eggert played Summer in "Baywatch".
I like this spelling better than "Sommer". No offense to any Sommers out there, I still think that the name is pretty in its own way! (:
This is my name, and I love it very much. It's not uncommon, but not too common, and I've only met met one other Summer before. If anyone is considering this name for their daughter, I'd say not to give them a middle name like Rain or Autumn, because then it sounds a little to nature ish. My middle name is Alexis, and I think it balances out rather well. A lot of people might not like this name because it can be teased, but all I get is the occasional joke about if I have a brother named Winter.
Summer Glau is an actress, best known for playing the character River Tam in the Firefly TV series and the movie Serenity.
I like that name. I think it sounds pretty.
This name is better for a cat or dog.
Summer is one of the few seasonal names that I actually like. Still, I have the impression that it would fit a kid or a teenager, but may not sound too good on an adult. Actually, Summer is my landlord's name, and her name seems to fit her pretty well despite the fact she's an adult.
Oh well, it's not exactly a hideous name, and we all like summers, but it doesn't sound very mature or sophisticated. It sounds a bit hippie-ish. It sounds more like a name for a child or a teen girl than an adult, and this doesn't exactly strike me as the name of a future president or a scientist or whatever.
Please ignore Slight Night Shivers' comment. This is the same person who complimented the name Autumn - another seasonal name. But Summer is immature? Not fit for presidency? Is it because the name used to be labeled as modern? I wish I could see the look on this person's face when they find out that the name goes back farther than they thought it did. This name is not classless nor is it ugly. I think it fits well on both genders. It's pretty, but also strong. It's a season of laughter, family barbecues, and snow cones. The images it brings to mind are simply delightful. It might seem strange to name your child this, but there are children named May, August, and Apple. Anything is acceptable now. And seasonal names are quite sensible. They honor our mother Earth.
I always thought this name would be awesome for girls born in Summer! Some can accuse it of being trendy but I think it's cute and original, I like it.
I knew a girl named "Summerly", and I positively love that name! It's Summer fused together with "Lee", which means "field". Summer field. It's such beautiful imagery! Summer on it's own is a pretty name, too.
I hate this name, sounds like a typical Valley Girl.
Count your blessings that you don't have the name! The season jokes are so annoying. Lol.
Summer from the OC is the best. I love this name and I wish it was my name! Lucky people who have it!
The girl in Napolean Dynamite's name was Summer. "Vote for Summer!"
I'm pretty sure there is an Edith Wharton book called "Summer" (I had to read it in middle school, and am now well into my twenties). As best as I can remember, its title character was named Summer.
Summer Phoenix is a fmaous bearer.
Summer has been on the top 1000 list since the 1970's. Its most popular years were 2004 and 2005 where it ranked 139.
I have seen it spelled Sommer, but that spelling doesn't appeal to me.
Summer Hoyland was a character on the Australian soap, Neighbours.
Summer is Rachel Bilson's character on the OC.
Summer is such a beautiful name. To me, it sounds feminine and beautiful.

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