Sweeney is one of the weirdest names out there!
What a weird name.
Awful name.
An adaptation of 'Mad Sweeney' appears in the 2001 English novel 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman.In the TV series with the same name (2017-) Mad Sweeney is played by Pablo Schreiber.
Mad Sweeney was a old Irish king protagonist of the legend 'Buile Shuibhne'.
This name sounds so cutesy! I can’t imagine any male with the name Sweeney over the age 7. Unless he’s overly feminine. I can imagine this on a female. It’s absolutely feminine. Not masculine at all! This name is excessively cute, so I think it sounds better as a girl’s name and it doesn’t sound good as a boy’s name at all! While I know some feminine names that can suit a male, this one can let it ride.
I don’t think it sounds mature enough for masculine women, let alone any male. Though I agree this can be gender neutral, I would use it for a girl only!
Everyone will think of Sweeney Todd. Please avoid this.
Me and my friends use this as a nickname for our mate Sven, but we spell it Sweenie.
Very cool name for a boy, very unconventional, that's a good thing sometimes. I love the story of Sweeney Todd, and for that reason I unfortunately wouldn't use it. It would make an awesome nickname though :)
I'm kind of torn on this name. Personally, I wouldn't use it on either gender, mainly because the kid will always get comments like, "Sweeney Todd? The killer barber?" Then again, I've always liked the stories on Sweeney Todd, so... yeah.
In the United States, it may be an Americanization of the French surname Choiniere.
This isn't a good first name. It makes me think of the words 'sweet' and 'swine', and the ending sounds infantile and girly. Plus, the name is very surname-y, and thus pretentious as a first name.
I think this is a cute name, but not overly. I can see a man being named this.
The character of Sweeney Todd was adapted for a musical called "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street". It first appeared on Broadway in 1979, and on the West End in 1980. It won the Tony Award for Best Musical. It was released as a film in 2007, with Johnny Depp in the title role. It won the Golden Globe for Best Picture - Musical/Comedy and Johnny Depp was nominated for an Academy Award for the role.
Isn't this like an insult to call someone a Sweeney? Maybe this is where it originated from!
Best known as the character Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Sreet.
From what I've read, there really was a barber named Sweeney Todd who murdered his clients for money. Of course the story has been changed up over the years.

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