Sylvain Saudan (born 23 Sep. 1936 in Lausanne, Switzerland), the legendary, extraordinary Swiss extreme-skier. Was nicknamed “skier of the impossible” (as stated in His unbelievably out-of-this-world skiing feats are shown on
Sylvie, a feminine derivative is quite common and popular in Europe, and even more so in [French speaking] Africa. Sylvia and Sylvana would thus be the English versions. I once met a Sylvinie in Switzerland, but can’t tell if she was so christened, or [self-]nicknamed. Sylvie Vartan (1st wife of the late French superstar singer Johnny Halliday) is a very famous 60’s – 70’s French singer (still alive as of current Jan 2019). I was told that the name Sheila (an Irish, Welch, Scottish, or Scandinavian version?) was derived from Sylvain; but I couldn’t verify….
Sylvain Neuvel (b. 1973), Quebecois author known for the sci-fi trilogy The Themis Files.
We are going to name our son Sylvain.

Sylvain Alexandre.

My husband and I struggled to come up with a name that would be bilingual in French and English (that we both actually liked). We live in the US and all my family are anglophones, but all his family is in Quebec, and they're all francophones.

It was a much easier process finding a name for our daughter - Brielle Elise! But with our little boy, we toyed with lists of names for months until we happened upon this gem.

It met all our criteria. It's unusual. It's soft-sounding. It has a lovely meaning, and it's not too foreign.

We've decided to go with the traditional French spelling and simply explain to our English-speaking friends and family that we'll pronounce it Sil-VIN Alexander in English.
Sylvain Cossette is a French-Canadian singer-songwriter from Grand-Mère, Quebec. Sylvain was a founding member of the Quebec-based English language band Paradox in 1984, before becoming a French language solo artist by 1994. During his career he has sold over one million albums, recorded thirty-two #1 hit songs and eight Number 1 albums, earned six Silver, Gold and Platinum Tickets, won 10 Quebec Felix Music Awards, six Socan awards and four Juno nominations, and performed in Canada and Europe in the hit stage musicals Notre Dame De Paris and Dracula. Cossette's 2001 album Rendez-vous was certified Platinum by the CRIA in November 2002. His 2007 album 70s is his first all English release and produced four Number 1 hit singles and two Number 1 hit videos. The album went Gold in 27 days and Platinum in 15 weeks. The 70s concert tour went Silver Ticket in three months and Gold Ticket within a year. On October 21, 2008, he released the album 70s Volume 2 and produced three Number 1 hit singles and one Number 1 hit video. The album went Gold in 19 days and Platinum in 11 weeks. On October 25, 2010, the album 70s Volume 3 was released and quickly went Gold. The 70s project has so far sold almost 400, 000 albums, 150, 000 concert tickets and been seen by over a 650, 000 people at outdoor festivals. In September 2011 he launched his new one-year tour «The Best of the 70s». In October 2011, two compilation albums were released of his greatest French language hits. On October 1, 2012, he release his first original French language album in 12 years called Le jour d'après which he wrote, co-arranged and co-produced. His next album RETROSPECTIVE spawned a tour throughout French Canada in 2013-2014. In April 2014 he released an album Les numérous 1 of his career #1 hit songs that he composed. A new trilogy project called ACCORDS was released in October 2014 and spawned three Number 1 hit singles followed by a tour throughout French Canada in 2015.
Sylvain Cros is a long-distance freestyle swimmer from France, who won the bronze medal in the men's individual 1500 metres freestyle event at the 1999 European Championships in Istanbul. He has won twenty one French titles since 1998.
Sylvain Jean Lefebvre is a retired ice hockey defenceman who played on five National Hockey League teams from 1989 to 2003. In 2012, he became the head coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs in the American Hockey League. He was also named head coach of the St. John's Icecaps, the new AHL affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens for the 2015-2016 season.
French director Sylvain Chomet.
Sylvain is surname of singer David Sylvain.
Dear Maggie,
The name of the celebrity you speak of is not David "Sylvain" with "ai". It is David "Sylvian" with "ia"(pronounced Sil-Vee-an). I just googled it.

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