I once had a guy friend named Symphony Gaster, although he preferred to go by Symph or Sym. He told me he was named that because his mom was a songwriter and she said that he was her “greatest Symphony” and named him that. Since then I’ve always liked the name and thought it was cool.
It reminds me of Stephanie for some reason.
Ultimately too close to the word symptom for me. It's cool for someone else, though.
Hey, I'm named Symphony and it's okay, I guess it's better than Stacy or like Amy. However, it's unnatural and people say random mean comments. I'm 19 and I'm still not used to it and no nickname really sounds right, it's weird. I'd feel ungrateful to change my name. So yeah *shrug* it is what it is...((also, my middle name is Liola- I can't get a break guys.
Strange as a name.
It's pretty but I wouldn't use it as a name.
The band Symphony X. I kind of like this as a name.
Excuse me people... My name is Symphani. The only part I don't like about my name is some people like to sing "I hear a Symphony..." Other than that, my name is definitely unique. I have a friend whose name is also Symphony. But I guess those nay sayers have never met a Symphony/ani which is why they don't like the name.
Hate it.
I have the name and people approach it as being beautiful so much, that it's lost meaning. I used to hate it but I now at 18, I am accustomed to it. It came from the fact that my mom's name is Melody and she hated the idea of harmony and suggested that this would be better. My full name is Symphony Justine-Marie R___. I find the fact that people think the name is too entitled and presumptuous and that no one is accepting of it is ridiculous. It's not a common name but it's never been hated on when I told people, I've only received kind jealousy and love for my name, completely opposite from what some on here perceive. It's not a burden of a name except when telling people like a cashier at Starbucks to put it down and being skeptical if it's real and I do think it is a good choice of a name for a child as I have found that when people observe me from afar and see me as rude or presumptuous based on how I sometimes unconsciously present myself, telling them my name instantly changes their perception of me in a number of circumstances.
The name Symphony was given to 139 girls born in the US in 2015.
I've only met one girl named Symphony and her parents were teens. I think this is too out there.
I was born in 1956 and am named Symphony, and have a sister named Sultanna. I love our names. Just recently I saw a young lady on American Idol with the name Symphony. I feel special having such a unique name. My parents put some meanings behind naming us. I was named after a song Symphony of Love and my sister was named after a riverboat my father grew up around. So don't hate, lol.
While I like the actual sound of this name, and I do not object to names that are derived from words, I don't think modern society would be accepting of anyone with this name.
I personally love the name Symphony but spelled Symphoni. Either way would be fine tho'. I actually thought of this name and spelling out of the blue and so I felt it would be a beautiful name, so I googled it as a name and here I am. I think it is an enchanting & beautiful name!
117 poor little girls were given the name Symphony in the US in 2012.
Harmony and Melody are nice music-inspired names, but Symphony sounds kind of weird. It also has the word "phony" in it. Not a good idea for a name.
I like it. Slightly over-the-top, but not like that's a bad thing. I prefer Symphonia, though.
My name is Symphony. I love my name. I do get a lot of comments, most good but some are like "that's a weird name". My sister's name is Melody haha. I've got several nicknames, Symph, Symie, Funny, Sym. I've never met another Symphony in person but I have found some online. I think it's a good name and I like that it's unique and rare :)
I don't like how it ends in phony. It's also too grand.
I was shocked when I saw this name in the Top 1000. I can't picture it paired with a last name. It doesn't even sound like a name, even for a person who only goes by one name. Symphony is extremely over the top and ridiculous. What's wrong with normal musical-themed named like Melody, Shira, or Aria?
My perception might be clouded because of a character I know, but I think Symphony is a very sweet name. It just sounds so rich and carefree.
It's pretty but sounds corny as a name.
I once knew a girl with this name, but she spelled it Symphoni.
That family would be mine. =) I love all 3 of those names so I couldn't choose just one! Symphony does sound a little odd, but I like odd names. Symphony has a ring to it, and it's unique.
Hmm, I can somehow picture a family with kids named Melody, Harmony, and Symphony. Melody sounds sappy and like a corny soap name, Harmony sounds pretty, but somewhat wallflower-y and mousy, and Symphony sounds pompous and somewhat heavy and ''unnatural'' as a name.
I do like this name - especially the musical element of it. However, I don't think anyone could cope with this as a name, as it does seem a little pretentious, unless you are a fairy in a novel.
I really like this name. I don't think I would ever use it on one of my "future children" because of the way people judge others. But, this is a great name. I'm thinking of naming my cat this and calling her by the nickname Sym.

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