This is a really cool name with an interesting sound; unfortunately, it's wildly impractical this day and age.
Almost certainly a combination of "syn-" ("with, together") and "tyche" ("fate, chance, luck, fortune"). If so, a more literal translation would be "with fate" or "with luck", giving it a meaning closer to "fortunate, lucky" or "by chance", and making it a relation of "Eutychos".
Looks horrible on paper.
This name looks so interesting! For some reason the name Calista Syntyche keeps on popping up in my mind... don't know why.
Reminds me of synth music. It also sounds appealing and isn't boring. Too bad it's Biblical. Still good for a character, though.
Interesting. I think I will grow to love this name. And no, it doesn't remind me of what the poster mentioned above.
This name written down makes me think of "Strychnine", and when it is said it makes me think of "Synthetic".

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