"Tae" means poop in Filipino.
My name is Taegan, people always get the pronunciation wrong as my name is pronounced ‘Tay-gun’.
I love my name and people think it’s cool.
My name is Taegan and it's a good name please name your daughter Taegan because not a lot of people have that name.
I have Teagan as my middle name and is spelt 'TEA' even though funnily enough I HATE TEA. I have never seen it spelt like this before. I was surprised when I saw it spelt like this!
This is one of my favourite names because it's strong and a bit unusual. I like this spelling the most because there's no "tea" in it.
I think this name looks better Teegan rather than Taegan. This name is ok, but it is not something I'd name my daughter. I neither like it nor hate it.

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