Tahira Abdullah is a Pakistani human rights activist, social scientist and supporter of gender equality, who is a representative of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HCRP) and the Women's Action Forum (WAF). She is based in Islamabad.
Tahira Mazhar Ali (née Hayat) (5 January 1924 – 23 March 2015) was a Pakistani women's rights campaigner and a political activist, and mentor to Benazir Bhutto. Her children include British Pakistani political activist Tariq Ali, Tauseef Hyat, and Australian journalist Mahir Ali.
In Azerbaijani we call Tahirə for female names and Tahir for male names. The origin of meaning comes from Arabic and means pure. [noted -ed]
The Turkish form of thid name is Tahire. [noted -ed]
Means "Pure, Virginal".
Tahirih literally means "the Pure One". The most famous Tahirih was a Persian poetess and early heroine of the Babi Faith and of the emancipation of women. For a good summary of this remarkable woman, her life and shining character, see BBC's online encyclopedia entry:
I have a friend named Tahira and I think it's a very pretty name.

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