Pretty. I’d pronounce it tie-ee-nah.
Taina meaning in Romanian is also "secret meeting" and the pronunciation is similar to "Tyner".
Taina Kokkonen is a former award-winning Finnish singer. She has performed on Italian TV, in Brussels, and in Argentina and Uruguay as part of the Tango 2000 educational tour. She did not however, reach the Seinäjoki finals, and Saija Varjus became Tango Queen. Taina's third attempt was in 1998, when she reached the finals and became Tango Princess, losing the winning place to Kirsi Ranto. After a record four attempts, she finally became Tango Queen in 1999. Before she became a Tango Queen in Seinäjoki, Kokkonen had been finished her studies and became a Master of Education Sciences and a teacher in Hämeenlinna. At the moment she works as a class teacher in Vantaa. In 2007, Kokkonen got married to a man called Cemo Timucin - working in an IT-branch and is educated as a Master of engineering and they live in Vantaa with their son Tino. In 2009, Taina Kokkonen worked during the summertime as a radiohost having morning programs in a local radiostation near Helsinki resort.
My name is Taina and it is pronounced Tah-ee-nuh, in my family. I don't feel there's a right or wrong way. Personal preference.
My name is Taina and it is pronounce exactly as it is spelled, like Raina with a T...
I knew a French girl called Taina, pronounced Tah-ee-nuh. Sooo cute!
The pronunciation is: tie-ee-NAH. There's a certain emphasis on the "na".
As for being also found in Tupi, notice that here "Taina" has no accent, while in Tupi language it has a tilde: "Tainã", a word for stars and the brightest of all them is, according to legend, "Tainá-can". Again, notice the accent. Here "Taina" is a variation of "Tatiana" and can be used as name or just as a shorter/an affectionate nickname. Another version of "Taina" is "Tainara".
I am a Proud Taino with Boriken (Puerto Rican) blood. I named my daughter TAINA (TÄ'ee'NÄ) after our people, The Taíno, who were an Arawak people who were one of the major indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. They were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles, the northern Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas. So I hope this helps...
Taina Barioz is a French alpine skier.
This name is perfect. It sounds youthful, but not immature. I would use it for my child.
From the original Indians of the Caribbean islands, the Taino. Meaning: Peace.
Female: tah-EE-nah. Male: tah-EE-no.
In Russian, means mystery.
The origin of the name is a Indigenous (tupi-guarani *) legend of a girl who fought till death for her tribe. So seeing her courage, Tupã, the god of Indigenous gave her a title of Moring Star or The Sunrise.Tupi-guarani is a Brazilian tribe who lived before the Portuguese occupation.
In Brazil the name can be used for male too.
Is used in Brazil with a similar pronunciation as Finnish.
In 2001, there was a racist show called 'Taina', starring a character with the same name.
The show "Taina" was not a racist show as stated above. It was about a young hispanic girl, Taina, getting through trials growing up as a minority and succeeding.
Taina can also be pronounced "thah-EE-nuh". That's my friends name and that's how she pronounces it.
It is pronounced as TIE-nah.
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